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Mar 14, 2017
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I've searched for this topic and not really found anything that fits what I am looking for, so I'll start a new thread!

Does anyone have recommendations for photography books that are not how-to, technique related, or just collections of images? I'm looking for things that cover inspiration, process, "seeing," contemporary issues in photography, etc; books that speak to the "why" as opposed to "how." Most lists of photography books found online consist of basic technique guides and the same small handful of "classic" books that I've read/looked at years ago...

Some titles that I have read recently and really liked:

Believing Is Seeing by Errol Morris
Photographs Not Taken by Will Steacy
Magnum Contact Sheets by Kristen Lubben
Magnum Stories by Chris Boot

On my short list of titles to read are:

Photography Changes Everything by Marvin Heiferman
Bending the Frame: Photojournalism, Documentary, and the Citizen by Fred Ritchin
PhotoWork by Sasha Wolf

Other recommendations are always helpful, especially from like-minded photo enthusiasts! (rather than Amazon product reviews, which are hit-or-miss at best...)
Nov 14, 2005
Winter Haven, florida
This is a great topic. Thanks!!
My choices:
Any book by Jay Maisel. Read these. He was a great teacher.
Look at any of the books by Brooks Jensen. I really like these. Brooks also has great podcasts.
Seriously, look at Brooks' webpage- It is worth every penny. Very little talk about equipment, lots of discussions about art and photography.
any book by David DuChemin, I liked The soul of the camera
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