Both ends of the marriage experience

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  1. I had an interesting Saturday, working both ends of the wedding spectrum. In the early afternoon I took pictures of a young couple who will be getting married in September.


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    And in the afternoon, I photographed a party celebrating a couple's 50th anniversary.

    The honorees...
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    their 4 children...
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    and their 7 grandchildren.
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    I think it's fair to say that both ends of the marriage spectrum can be equally as lovely.
  2. Yes, they can be.

    The hardest thing sometimes is to shoot people with glasses.
  3. Nice work. I love the playfullness of the first one and the way the various personalities come through on the last one.
  4. In the beginning of the anniversary event, it was a cinch. I was using my flash off-camera, so its reflection in the models' glasses was directed away from the camera.


    But later on, I switched to a flash bracket, which put the flash directly above the lens. The reflection glared harshly in this guy's glasses, matching his expression closely.

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    I spotted the glare during review and re-took the picture. I had the happy subject tilt his glasses down just a smidgen, and the reflection didn't bounce back to the camera.

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  5. Frank, nice series!
    Since I have occasionally encountered the eye glass reflection problem, I especially appreciate your example showing the eye glass reflection and the corrected example. For me, the pictures are worth a thousand words.
  6. Ptchfork


    Jul 8, 2007
    New York City
    Oh wow - you really captured something with that second shot
  7. Thanks for the feedback, Brian! Mike has an out-of-state summer job, so the kids had been seperated for the last 5 weeks. They were excited to see each other, and I think it shows in their pictures.
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