Botswana safari images pt2

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  1. Some more here from a recent trip to the Delta & Central Kalahari.

    Captured this very inquisitive 3 year old male Leopard as if he was posing for the front cover of Africa Geographic.
    Only minutes later our driver and guide Adriann had to bang on the side of the Land Cruiser to stop him from jumping in the back!
    Something totally out of character for this (and any other) particular Leopard.

    D3 500VR 1/180s ISO400@f/5.6 Deception Valley, Central Kalahari GR- Botswana Sept '09


    African Wild Dog hot on the trail of an Impala herd.
    D3 500VR 1/3000s ISO2200@f/5.6 Moremi GR


    Buffalo bull on the Chobe River.
    D3 500VR 1/500s ISO200@f/5.6 -5EV Monopod from boat.

    The colour of a Lion has often been described as the colour of Africa.
    D3 500VR 1/500s ISO200@f/4 Moremi GR

    C & C most welcome

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  2. nso123

    nso123 Guest

    You can stop posting these anytime. You have no idea how much money you are going to cost me. Joking aside, thanks for sharing these wonderful shots. I have never felt called to a place like I have Africa.
  3. shtarka1


    Feb 1, 2008
    More Amazing Images!
  4. Once you first visit Andy, will be very hard to get out of your system indeed!:tongue:
  5. cbbr


    Nov 21, 2009
    Baton Rouge, La.
    Incredible shots!
  6. Spectacular! Oh my, looking at stuff like this could cost me a fortune!:biggrin:
    They are all just dripping good, but the lion shot brought back wonderful memories. Our guide had pulled off the road (which they weren't supposed to do) in Tsavo to get us closer to some dik-diks. They are tiny antelope and you gotta get close to get a good look. Well we were sitting there for about 10 minutes watching these guys about 30 yards off. I emptied a roll of film and went to reload, when I looked down I noticed a lioness 10 feet away from us just watching in the grass. You could not see her unless you looked in her eyes. I said oh shucks:rolleyes: and our guide Fred saw her and we were getting the heck out of there!:biggrin: That was the first time in my life I realized I was not at the top of the food chain and it was an exhilarating feeling.

    Again, great stuff, really eye popping!:smile:
  7. KOhlsson


    Apr 5, 2008
    Fantastic pictures!!
  8. Marc, wonderful, wonderful images, thanks for sharing them. I am spending my nights at the moment pouring over info on Botswana for a 2011 trip (hopefully). Inspiring stuff.
  9. Great shots.

    While we were in Zambia (South Luangwa NP) we didn't see the African wild dogs as they were at the other side of the park and it is still on the list of animals we really want to see.
  10. Stunning, brilliant shots. Thanks for posting both the sets and feel free to post more!
  11. Stunning images!

    I'm curious how you secured the 500 VR for these images. Handheld? Tripod?

  12. Glen
    Most of them were taken on a monopod from the open 4x4 vehicle.
  13. Thank you...

    I recently purchased a 500 VR and I'm trying to best handle the lens to maximize sharpness. I've been using a gimbal head on a tripod--but this isn't a practical approach under all circumstances.

  14. Here's my setup here Glen

    D300,(now changed to D3s) 200-400VR,(now changed to 500VR) SB900 + SC 28 flash cord & BetterBeamer flash extender
    & RRS B 87B flash bracket + Manfrotto 680B pod,(now changed to Gitzo GM3550) Wimberley Sidekick & RRS MH-01 heavy duty monopod head & B2-Pro II s clamp



    Since this setup and what I took for the Botswana trip is the D3, the 500VR and replaced the Manfrotto 680B for the sturdier Gitzo GM3551 pod.
    For my upcoming Kenya/Tanzania migration trip, I'll most probably be using my Kinesis bean bag as the vehicles are not the open type 4X4, but the less user friendly enclosed type.:redface:
  15. Awesome. Thanks so much for sharing these images.
  16. amazing stuff
    safari in 2013 for me, any suggestions on where to go ?

    oh yea, how about a part 3 and how about more pics in each part, maybe 10
  17. Those Kinesis bean bags though are really nice to shoot and scope off of though when you need to. Reminds me, one more wouldn't hurt...:biggrin:
  18. corns5


    Mar 21, 2008
    Absolutely stunning!
  19. Marc, I am interested in what you used to transport your gear when you went to Botswana? Also, any issues with weight, given the strict "rules"?
  20. Hi Mark

    I used my Kiboko (by Gura Gear) bag, which fits a ton of gear.
    A real bonus is that it weighs (unpacked) only 4lbs.
    Last year to Botswana I took:
    1 X D3
    1 X D300
    500VR (hood reversed)
    + the usual cables, batteries, CF cards, filters, etc.
    We never encountered any problems on any of the light aircraft internal flights, even though this bag weighed over 16kg's (35lbs)
    Touch wood,:tongue: for the Kenya/Tanz upcoming trip I don't envisage any problems.

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