Bought a Nikon PN-11 Ext. Tube

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  1. After seeing some amazing macro pics here with the PN-11, I found an auction on Ebay and snagged it for $65.

    I should have it by the end of the week, I can't wait to test this bad boy out! Any tips or recommendations as to lenses?
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    I use it with the 105/2.5 AIS and the 180/2.8 ED AIS lenses. It works excellently with both lenses. If you like macro with long lenses the PN-11 will fit the bill nicely.
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    Of the lenses you list in your sig, your new PN-11 will work very well with your 105 micro (I assume it is the AF 105/2.8 non VR). Magnifications in the range from 1:2 - 1.6x life size are possible, which is a pretty useful range. I use this combination mainly when I want magnifications beyond life size. I try not to use it too much in the 1:2-1:1 range, as the 105 micro is "focused" at a non macro distance so it not too well corrected for close range photography. Having said that I have not noticed any image degradation in that range (shooting at f8-f16). The tripod collar of the PN-11 is the best feature - helps to balance the lens-camera better on a tripod, and it allow you to switch from horizontal to vertical formats while staying on target - a very useful aid to composition.

    The PN-11 would also work well with your AFS 300/4, and will turn your lens into a macro lens with a super-long working distance.

    I don't use extension tubes with zooms, as you need to refocus each time you zoom which is annoying. If you want to turn a zoom into a macro lens, closeup filters are a much better option. Also, the PN-11 only works with lenses having an aperture ring - "G" lenses don't work.
  4. What do the PK-11a and PK-13 work on? I have both and plan to list them for sale but I know little about them.
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    I have a PK-11a, PK-12 and PK-13. What's a PN-11? How is it different from a PK-11a?

    -- Russ
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    They work with all Ai lenses, including AiS and AF. They do not work with pre-AI lenses or "G" lenses.

    The PK-13 is 27.5mm (half 55mm) and is the matched auto-extension tube for the Ai 55/3.5 micro, allowing it to go from 1:2 - 1:1 magnification. Although matched for the 55 micro, it will work with other lenses.

    The PK-12 is similar to the PK-13 but is only 14mm long.

    The PK-11A is the shortest auto-extension tube at 8mm long. It is useful for wide and standard lenses where the longer tubes give too much magnification. It's also useful for longer lenses where a slight increase in magnification is needed such as tighter portrait shots, while still retaining good far-distance focusing (tubes will not retain infinity focus). The "A" in PK-11A means this tube is OK to use on AF lenses as it has clearance for the AF contacts (the earlier PN-11 will not fit AF lenses).

    The PN-11 (not to be confused with the PK-11(a)) is the longest auto-tube made by Nikon at 52.5mm long (half 105mm). It was the matched tube for the manual focus 105mm lenses allowing them to go from 1:2-1:1. It has a built-in rotating tripod mount, which is very useful.
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  7. Thanks for the detailed information, that is very kind of you.
  8. Ditto Rvink and Denny, thanks for the info, that was very helpful.