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  1. Got my to use my 300 2.8 VR a little more the other day. Took it off the monopod, sat down and used my knee for a brace. I think it was easier to keep up with everything. White uniforms were tough, but I don't think they are too blown out. Here's a few:





    #5, Not the cleanest in the world (& very heavily cropped), but the impending doom says it all!


    Thanks for looking.
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    All I see are red x's
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    I think you have to turn on direct linking for the gallerys
  4. Think I got the SmugMug links fixed.

    Thank you for your patience.

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  5. very nice work Jim
    I'm really wanting that lens...
    maybe try setting ev down -.3 or even -.7 based on the histo and recover light in PP

  6. Thanks Randy. I'll do that. The sun was so intense, I didn't need all the shutter speed I had, and the minus setting would help keep those white uniforms from blowing out so bad. I appreciate your comments.

  7. the minus EV will actually give you more SS, which can only help and not hurt...sometimes the sun is so bright here in Charlotte that even -1 on my 30d anyway won't stop whites and reds from blowing out

  8. After thinking straight for a moment (tough for me sometimes), I understand my mistake in saying that. Thanks for clearing that up. Oh, by the way, congratulations on your magazine cover. I know you're very proud.