Boys Soccer

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  1. A few from last Friday afternoon

    No. 1- Bit of a size difference


    No. 2- Looks like a WWF move

    No. 3- Dude, what happened to your face?


    No. 4- Sees the run and connects with the nice through ball


    No. 5- Statue pose


    No. 6- 50-50 ball

  2. Great shots Brooks. Great contrast, stop action & slim DOF.

  3. topher04r1

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    LOL #3 .... awesome ..... was the last shot cropped at all ? ... if not ... sweet grab !
  4. looking sweet Brooks...
  5. Nice series but I like those up close and personal shots liek the last one
  6. tjk60


    Dec 4, 2007
    troy, mi
    love the eyes in #2 and the last one is great!
  7. Thanx Mike, getting a little better each time out.

    Thanx Toph, last one has a bit of a trim crop to center the players, got lucky on that one.

    Thanx Chris, got to keep practicing to improve

    Thanx Mike, I hear your voice when shooting "shoot tight and then tighter" still need a lot of practice to improve the yield.

    Thanx Tim, that nice low angle light really helps illuminated the eyeballs
  8. Super shots Brooks.