Boys will be girls-Pride 2008

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  1. Informal street portrait made on Church Street in the heart of the Gay Village on Pride Sunday, here in Toronto.
    motorized Nikon F with DE-1 eyelevel meterless prism
    Samyang 18~28 f4.0-4.5 AIS manual focus
    Fuji Sensia II 100 ISO colour slide
    exposure probably 5.6 @ 1/125th
  2. Now that is a colorful looking group :)
  3. Robert, I love their shoes. :biggrin:

    Great shot.
  4. Rick,
    Mine on are order.
  5. What a fun image!!
  6. well....
    there's an event where you wouldn't be at a loss for things to image
    any more to show us?
  7. I've got tons. Been shooting Pride for years.
    There's another currently posted here called "Another shade of Pride." currently viewed 58 times but no comments. Knock yourself out and lemme know whatcha think.