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    No not a tree branch, Rod Branch. Goal tender for the Motor City Mechanics. :biggrin:


    I shot this Friday night through the glass too.

    D2H, Sigma 70-200 HSM
  2. Very nice image Dave. Shooting through the glass didn't seem to hurt you any.
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    Jan 26, 2005
    Viera Fl
  4. Johntu


    Jul 4, 2005
    Fremont, CA
    Very nice capture, how do you like D2H?
  5. Nice capture Dave. And that is not a branch, it's a tree trunk:biggrin:
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    Thanks John...
    So far I really like it a lot. Been so busy since I got it I haven't really had the time to really explore it the way I want to.
    I just got Thom Hogen's Ebook on it and a friend is printing it for me at work this weekend. That will be a good read (I hate reading manuals like that!!) while flying Saturday from Detroit to San Francisco.
    There are lots of things on it that are different from the D70's so time to learn them.
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    You have been to one of his games I see.. :biggrin:
    He is called Rod "The TREE" Branch
    Pretty darn good goalie for such a short guy.