Brand New D80 - pixel problem

Discussion in 'Nikon DX DSLR' started by Dale, May 17, 2007.

  1. Hi everyone,

    The SD card has now arrived for my brand new D80. It's alive. I took a couple of test shots out of the bedroom window, and all looked fine. I remember seeing on here some months agao something about dead pixels, so I thought I would take a look.

    I tried taking a long exposure with the lense cap on (bulb setting for 30 seconds). The camera wouldn't focus, so I removerd the lens and replaced with the lense blanking plate no lens attached).

    1st pic looked fine, but relaised it was a JPG, ISO 100. Turned up the ISO to 1600, turned off high ISO noise and took a Large Fine JPG +RAW shot.

    There was an arc of bright (red and green) dots on the JPG, and the RAW, on maximum zoom in iPhoto looked like a koleidescope on a black background, with the JPG dots very prominent. :eek:

    Have I done something wrong, or is this a particulary bad sensor. :confused:

    I am really new to photography, :Shy: and need some reassurance that I haven't bought a dud! Can anyone help?
  2. I have just remebered how to set the lens to manual focus. I've just taken another shot, with the lens on, and they look the same.

    I would upload the shots, but they are not particularly pretty, and I cannot see how to do it anyway.
  3. I did some more tests at 5 seconds exposure (with lens cap on), taking the ISO down from 1600 to 200 and looking at the results (NEF file).

    800 - large dots still visible
    400 - some dots still remain
    200 - only a pair of blue dots remain, and the green pair of green dots.

    Is this really a pixel problem, or noise?:confused:
  4. I suspect noise but if you provided samples could offer more help. I doubt you have a dud, and you do have a good warranty so I would concentrate on images within your normal workflow.
  5. Gale


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  6. Thanks Gale and Dave, I'll take a look at the upload shortly.

    Apologies if I appear paranoid, but I'd rather find out if there is a problem whilst I have chance to do something about it.

  7. SoCalBob


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    With that long an exposure ( 30 sec.) and high ISO, without seeing the pictures, what you're getting sounds more like "amp noise" than a pixel problem to me. The D80 is especially susceptible to this phenomenon, which Thom Hogan discusses at length in his review:

    We'd need a look at your pics to be certain, though.
  8. Hi There,

    Just set up a free flickr account. The ISO 1600 30 seconds shot was 3.2 MB, so I will have to look to increase the online storage to posta lower ISO. I had to convert it to JPG for now, in order to get it under 5MB.

  9. The main red dot is 1/2 way (left to right) and 3/4 of the way down the picture. The blue dot is 2/3 way along the bottom of the picture, about 10% from the bottom.

    Many, mant thanks in advance for looking at these for me.

    I'll try to post a lower ISO picture now.
  10. Just realised the 5MB limit is per file, not total. Thought it seemed low:redface:

    ISO 800:

    ISO 400:

    Again, the dots are in the same place. There is also a couple of green ones very close togetherright of centre at the tp of the image.

    Is this normal, or should I be looking to replace it?

    Ps. You are all fantastic for offering to look at this for me. This wouldn't happen on just any forum :biggrin:
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