Brandenburg (SW of Berlin, Germany)

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  1. Inspired by Harry's posting about Austria, here are some pictures from Brandenburg, the area around Berlin.

    No rolling hills, unfortunately, the area is mostly flat. At least we have some lakes, this one is of last december:

    The following are from this spring, though not as green as in Berlin already.

    My favorite from that weekend:

    Shot across the meadow to a typical small village. I liked the yellow flowers but it didn't came out as intended, also because the air was shimmering too much.

    Rusty door bell spotted in the next village:

    Came past some nice horsies on the way back:
  2. tojor


    Jul 27, 2005
    Beautiful shots. I love the canal/river shot. Berlin is such a beautiful city and the surroundings are nice too.
  3. Daniel, each landscape has its own charm. I like the bell pic and the horse scenery.

    Talking about flat - my wife's home country (Belarus) is the flattest I have ever seen: four times the size of Austria and the highest elevation is some 300 m!

  4. Nice pictures, I especially like no. 3 and 5. What I saw in Brandenburg was quiet and beautiful, not dramatic like the Alps. But definitely a place worth to visit again...
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