Brandon and his story

Discussion in 'People' started by Spoony, Aug 1, 2008.

  1. First off, i wanna say i love this forum. everyone here is really nice and seem very real. so i feel comfortable sharing this with you guys. my son brandon was born 4 weeks early and was immediately taken to the special infant care unit. my wife only got to hold him for like 2 minutes after he was born. seriously it was probably the worst month of my life, it made my whole out look on life a lot different. but two years and some months later he's as healthly as any other toddler and me and my wife are very proud of him.

    when he was brand new-

    so little and still manages to smile, thats when i knew he was gonna tough it out

    and here he is now, nothing but trouble-

    thanks for looking!
  2. Nice shots. Thanks for sharing his story.
  3. great thread
    love the story and images

    i'm so happy that things have turned out this way
    thanks for sharing... it's what makes THE CAFE... one big family.... truly
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