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Bridge to NX2?

Discussion in 'Nikon Capture and View NX' started by woundedmallard, Aug 25, 2008.

  1. Hey All,

    Really enjoying the results of NX2. Not so happy with viewNX, perhaps because I'm a creature of habit, but I find it a little monotonous at the moment. Haven't given up entirely on it just yet, it'd free and it'll stay on the hard drive for a while.
    Being so used to Bridge, I'm comfortable there. When I'm viewing images in bridge, can I open them in NX2 from there? If so, can you tell me how or where to find that instruction?
    When I right click the image I want to open, it doesn't give me the option to choose an application. Even if it did, I seem to be at a loss as to how I would add that application to the drop-down menu itself.

    Appreciate any help.
  2. You should have an option to right-click and then "Open With", then choose Capture NX2.

    What version of Bridge are you using?

    Note: if you go that route, bridge will not show you the image as edited in NX2. So if you go into NX2, convert to B&W, then return to Bridge. Bridge will still show the image in color (it uses it's own raw conversion and ignores the NX2 embedded jpg)

    Peter G.
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  3. Go to preferences - file type associations and change the NEF association to Capture NX2. Then double click the NEF file and it will open NX2. I suppose you could do the same thing if you are talking about jpegs.
  4. Thomas, you should be able to add NX2 to the options. If you are running Vista, see if you can do it under Set Applications in the Control Panel. I also prefer Bridge over ViewNX, and I simply drag the image from Bridge over the NX2, and it opens.
  5. Thanks all. Was able to set it in Bridge preferences. A bit of a chore to bounce it in to NX2 knowing I'll have to finish with signature action in CS2. Guess that's what makes CS king of the heap as far as soup to nuts applications but I love the way NX2 handles the NEF's. Working on a new workflow!
  6. I have mine set this way but double click opens in ACR - Enter key opens in NX2.
    Very convenient.

  7. Ahh, that does sound convenient.

    Another question regarding the "back and forth" between applications: When opening an NEF in NX2, after processing, if I want to retain those adjustments and open in CS3 for further work, it must be saved as either TIFF or jpeg before opening in CS3?
    Sounds cumbersome, is there a better way to streamline this?
  8. Triggaaar


    Jun 15, 2008
    Save as TIFF. Jpeg will lose too much data, and CS3 won't read the adjustments in NEF format. Can you not batch the signature action in CS3 (that's not rhetorical, I've never used CS)?
  9. Just save the NEF in NX2 and do what needs to be done today in PS either via 'open with' in NX2 or saving a .JPG
    to be opened in PS later.
    All your edits will be in the NEF and you won't waste the space with a 60MB TIFF file.

    I sure wish Adobe would license/incorporate the Nikon API into ACR. Wouldn't it be wonderful to have
    Nikon's colors without NIK software?

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