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Discussion in 'General Technical Discussion' started by woundedmallard, Jul 23, 2007.

  1. Wondering if someone can help me find a link. I just had to do a complete restore on my pc and I'm starting from scratch. There's a batch upload feature hidden in Bridge>tools somewhere, that allows you to batch rename files (date/times etc..) and upload them from your card into appointed folders.

    I recall stumbling onto someons site where they explain where to find it. I believe you have to go into the common files or some place like that within the Adobe program folder and enable this feature.
    Perhaps there is an easier way? I'd appreciate anyone's help.
  2. There is a batch rename option now on the tools menu but it's not the same thing I'm referring to. This was a sort of "intensive " operration that would render bridge inoperable during the process. Also you were able to date and time stamp as a file name whereas the current "batch rename" option is just date at best with an option to change extensions among other little things.
  3. Try: File--> Get Photos from Camera
  4. Thanks Doug for both, taking the time to reply and being funny! :biggrin:

    Don't see that particular route available. I"m in CS2. I have been searching everywhere for the path to get this option up and can't even get warm. I just assumed everyone had it.
    If i recall correctly, when you enable this option it appears in the tool drop-down near the cache items and would read as "batch import". You would then select that folder (CF card) and rename it with a variety of options and choose the where it would upload to. Very similar to the batch rename option, which I don't remember being there last week!! With the exception that I USED to be able to use the date (yymmdd) and have the time following it. I was also able to include an IPTC metadata template during the upload as well.
  5. Ok, I get it, in CS3 it is under File
  6. Try this Tools > Photoshop > Image Processor
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