Bright Fall Morning

Discussion in 'Landscapes, Architecture, and Cityscapes' started by Mike Z, Oct 15, 2005.

  1. Mike Z

    Mike Z

    May 30, 2005
    Northbrook, IL
    I haven't seen many fall shots this year. I think its very hard to capture the scope of color. Here in Chicago, because of our drought this summer, we're not going to be seeing much color, anyway. This shot, which I took on my front lawn, made me feel how wonderful a season fall is.


  2. smera


    Aug 11, 2005
    This is what fall has meant to be : beautiful colors and shades. Thank you for posting. Don't you think that you could have saturated the blue sky just a little ??? Just a tought.

    Kind Regards,

  3. Mike Z

    Mike Z

    May 30, 2005
    Northbrook, IL
    Thanks for the suggestion. I think you're right, but I don't know how to do it effectively after I've taken the shot. I tried increasing the saturation in the blue channel and I also tried to select the blue pixels, copy them onto a separate layer and work with them. Neither approach seemed to give me anywhere near a natural color. Obviously, a CP filter would have been best while I was taking the shot.
    Thanks for taking the time to comment, and, if you have a better way to do it, I'd appreciate the tip.
  4. Gale


    Jan 26, 2005
    Viera Fl

    Very colorful and pleasing.

    Blue and saturation on image look fine here.
  5. Ppub101


    Oct 10, 2005
    Asheville NC
    I think your photo looks great, i would love to see what other autumn photos you have.
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