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Broke down and got a new 70-300 fx

Discussion in 'Lens Lust' started by dossy, Jan 10, 2019.

  1. I gave in to my desire for the updated 70-300mm for my d750 when it's too much to carry the 80-400mm. It was delivered late this afternoon, and I ran out and snapped a duck visiting my front yard:

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    I really like the size and weight. I still have to try it on the d7200.

    One question: the manual that came with the lens said the VR should be turned off when turning off the camera or removing the lens. I've never done that. Is this something you guys do?
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  2. Very nice shot, congrats on the new lens. As to the VR issue, I've also read where it's a very good idea to turn VR off when changing lens, but I don't think I ever have.
  3. Thanks Louie! I never have either. You make me feel better, because it obviously hasn't interfered with your photo skills!
  4. Enjoy your new lens. I’ve been thinking about one myself for travel when I don’t want to take the 200-500.
  5. Congrats on the new glass.
    Turning off the VR is something I always do--when I remember it, which is just about never! :D 
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  6. Thanks! I really enjoyed the old 70-300 on my d90. Sometimes it just doesn't feel appropriate to take a bigger lens.
  7. I’ve got one that I use on my Z6 and D500’s. Really great lens that is pretty affordable.
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  8. I agree. Got rid of my all time favorite lens, 80-200 AFS-D, ED f2.8 a couple of years ago, and missed that focal range and a few months ago got me a 70-200, VR f4. Makes for an easy carry.
  9. Thanks Nick!
    It’s a comfortable lens, and psychologically I feel better with this than my 80-400 if the conditions outside are questionable!
  10. I relate the 70-300 VR to the nifty fifty (50 f/1.8D), its the best value (dollar wise) for excellent quality shots for its focal length...
    I gotta start reading the instructions as I never knew about turning off the VR when removing the lens.
    But I do turn off the camera when removing a lens & have been doing this for years with no problems... :whistle: 
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  11. Mr Muscovy, cool duck nice pic
    My wife uses the 70-300vr. Is that what you got ? Or is it the newer one ?
  12. I would guess / hope that it's the new AF-P (that's the one I picked up).

    I'm really impressed with how fast and quiet the AF-P focusing motors are. It's basically just as fast as my 70-200 VR II. The VR works very well too. From testing it on my D500, I'd put it at 4-5 stops of effectiveness.
  13. :)  This is definitely one of those purchases to feel good about (just tell that to my husband!). Every so often I change a lens and realize the camera is still on. Fortunately not that often, but I do have a moment of panic!
    This is the newer one, Randy. I still have the older one...not sure what to do with it. My husband feeds ducks every morning across the street by our canal. Now they come looking for him!
    This is good to know, Ian. Between this new lens and mu 80-400, I'm a happy old broad!
  14. kilofoxtrott

    kilofoxtrott European Ambassador Moderator

    Dec 29, 2011
    Tettnang, Germany
    Congrats to your new lens Dossy.
    It shows a strong effort.

    Kind regards
  15. Thank you Klaus!
  16. That's a most appropriate and descriptive phrase.
  17. :) 
  18. I almost always had a 70-300; the combination of size, weight, and reach where just hard to resist. The latest FX and DX AF-P VR versions look great.
  19. Before I got my 80-400, my two most used lenses were the 70-300 and my Tammy 90. I’m excited to have the new one for the exact reasons you stated!
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