Critique Broken Wine Glass

Discussion in 'Black and White' started by Mike Buckley, Oct 10, 2017.

  1. My wife and I always take wine glasses with us on vacation. This one didn't survive the return trip to home in one piece.

    Mike 2017-10-09--007-S.
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  2. Interesting pic and very nicely lit.

    We also travel with wine glasses. I've gone to these Riedel stemless glasses now for this reason.
  3. Nice images. I drink out of the bottle!
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  4. After you take the cork out with your teeth!
  5. No after I unscrew the cap.
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  6. At least you're drinking wine out of a bottle, not a box.

    Well shot, but sad.
  7. Nicely shot. Like Mitch, we too travel with stemless glassware, though not Riedel. And yes, screwtops are great!
  8. We settled on those because my wife prefers a very thin rim on her wine glass. Apparently the thicker rim found on some less expensive stemware ruins the wine. ;) 
  9. I completely agree on the thick rim -- did a taste test at a winery and was amazed at the difference. We have a some Riedel knock-offs we got at a wine event that we use as travel glasses.
  10. Fun discussion! Thanks to all!

    I wouldn't want to ruin my well-earned reputation as a wine snob :ROFLMAO: , so I always serve the stuff in stemmed glasses. I try my best to serve wine at an ideal temperature, so I don't like that nothing does more to warm the wine too much than holding a stemless glass in a warm hand.

    As for the thick rims, they're a LOT easier to photograph than the thin rims. Though I prefer thin rims for drinking wine, it's not an important issue for me.

    I've never broken a wine glass in a suitcase. This wine glass was broken because I didn't properly pack it in the trunk of my car. Indeed, it's the only wine glass that we've not broken during normal use, usually when washing a glass by hand. This glass is part of an old set that we no longer use at home because years of placing it in the dishwasher gradually changed its appearance.

    As for removing a cork with my teeth, I've done it often and always to my wife's objection. Naturally, it has always been a cork that has been partially reinserted into the bottle.
  11. Stemmed glasses make for much better swirling!
  12. The lighting in your photo is perfect, Mike. I would have cropped it a tad more from the top so the top edge of the glass just hits the corner of the frame. But that's just a personal thing.

    Our everyday wine glasses came from the Goodwill Store because my wife couldn't find anything suitable at the usual shops around here. They have thick rims so they don't break easily. We do have crystal glasses with thin rims for special occasions, but I can't say I notice any difference in the taste of the wine. I personally don't like wine glasses that have any sort of pattern in the bowl.

    As for travel, we get along fine with the hotel plastics ;) . At least we don't drink from the bottle:D . I even think drinking beer from a bottle is rather crude... half the taste comes from the aroma which is much more prominent from a glass.
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  13. This is an example of exactly why I generally ask for critique when displaying a recently made photo, especially if it was made in my makeshift studio. Every once in awhile someone comes up with an idea like that one that I wouldn't have thought of on my own. I can't explain why, but for some reason cropping as you suggest directs the eye along the long stem to the base in a way that rather dramatically improves the image for me. Thanks for the idea!
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  14. Bart


    Sep 20, 2009
    Excellent capture, Mike!
  15. For the members who don't know Mike well yet, I just want to say that he is an expert in shooting broken glasses (especially wine glasses). He never throws them away without shooting and it has always been a pleasure for me to view them. So, get ready for the show ;) 

    Very nice one Mike as usual. The cropping suggestion already came before my comment, so there is no need to repeat. I like the lighting and different tones of grey in the image.
  16. Well I actually have a problem in that once I start cropping one of my images I find I need to crop more to restore some inner urge or mistaken concept of "balance" and end up with very little left ...sort of like I trim shrubbery.

    We know Mike well from years ago, but we didn't know he likes to break glasses so he can photograph them.:D 
  17. West


    Jan 2, 2012
    Vancouver BC
  18. Jim that is spot on! Cropping is, without a doubt, the hardest thing for me to do in my photography! Maybe more wine would help!
  19. Fine wine is beautiful to drink, smell, and look at in the glass. A stem is for holding the wine glass with greasy pizza fingers. Few things gross me out more than a glass of fine wine viewed through greasy fingerprints, just saying. There, the wine snob in me has emerged.
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  20. A stemmed glass helps with swirling and also makes it much easier to judge and appreciate color. Life's too long to drink from cheap glassware!
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