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Brown bears at dusk

Discussion in 'Other Animals' started by Mitchell, Oct 10, 2018.

  1. One night the tides were right for us to go down to the beach after sunset. The bears were pretty mellow as night was descending. The pale, flat light with some pastel color in the sky made for some different photos.
    These were all taken at ISO 1000 on the D500 with a 300mm, f2.8 fairly wide open for most.

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    5. This one is very nearly full frame.
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  2. These are just fantastic!! You called these brown bears....aren't they grizzlies? Or, is brown bear another name for grizzly? We call the bears with the characteristic back hump grizzly bears here. Just curious. I always like learning new things.
  3. Thanks, Terri. Yes, these are grizzly bears. Many in Alaska seem to make the distinction between the inland grizzly bears and these coastal brown bears. I'm not really sure why.
  4. What a beautiful set of images! The poses are great...bears are sharp...and backgrounds are nicely controlled. Excellent work. Makes me want to go there!

  5. Thanks, Glenn. These images were really a surprise for me as the light was fading fast and I was hesitant to increase the ISO much beyond 1000 on the D500. #2 is one of my favorite images from the week thus far. I still have more than half of my photos to go through!
  6. 2 is great...I also like 4 a lot in part because of the colors captured in the background. The 300 2.8 is such a fantastic lens--especially when it is in the right hands!

  7. #4 and #5 are wide open. I love that lens and never fear shooting it wide open. It has such great contrast, sharpness and color rendition at any aperture.

    A shooter next to me was using a 200-500mm that night on a D850. I wish I could see his photos from that evening from the same vantage point.
  8. these turned out great Mitch, the dark on white makes for a 3d look
  9. Thanks, Randy. I was pleased with these. They have a different look than my other bear photos from that trip.
  10. Super shots Mitch. I am soooo envious of you.
  11. The are studio-quality shots! The focus, the lighting and posing are all superb!
  12. Great shots Mitch. Especially for me #4 and 5 as they show the bears character
  13. Superb images. I like No.2 especially for the extra sense of purpose about the bear.
  14. keirin


    Dec 31, 2005
    Congrats on a really superlative series. I can't help but think that the bear in your photos looks like the one that just won the 'Fattest Bear' contest at Katmai Nat'l Park. See the story at (America's fattest bear has now been crowned).
  15. Thanks, James. You should get up there one day. Not too far from you.

    Thanks, Nick. They took posing suggestions without complaining.

    Thanks Bob.

    Thanks. I like the little bit of the claws I got on that one.

    Thanks. Those bears in Katmai are really fat!
  16. Another excellent set, Mitch. I really like nos.2 and 3. And the you definitely got the laid back mood in no.5. First rate IQ on every shot you've posted from your trip thus far. Nicely done.
  17. McQ

    McQ Just your average, everyday moderator. Moderator

    Fantastic shots, Mitchell. This had to be a real treat to watch these guys and get the shots.
  18. Great set!
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