Bryce Canyon at Sunset

Breathtaking vistas galore! I've been sorting and cataloguing over 2,500 while nursing a VERY sick cat. Been up all night so this is about all I've got from the trip so far. Fantastic country!
Pls click on the pic to view larger (better) version. Thanks.

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Fuji S3Pro, 12-24Tokina@22mm f11, 13pic pano
GORGEOUS shot Sandi!! Looks like you had a wonderful visit! :biggrin:

As to your you feed any of the recently recalled foods? Can you get in to the vet ASAP to be sure it's not kidney failure secondary to melamine tainting???

Here is a list of what has been recalled in the US. I know there's also a Canadian list floating around, as you have some brands that we don't. PLEASE check through this and throw out the food if you have it. Lots of animals have died from kidney failure. :sad:
Thanks Gretchen, he's on antibiotics at the moment, and I have him on a soft towel on a heating pad - just loving that at the moment. The tail is now flicking so this is a good sign (no tail flicks, no purring all night). I decided to keep him home because the vet's clinic is so noisy, meowing and barking, and this greatly upset Beaubeau. He's drinking water so at least that system is working. Taking it hour by hour, but he didn't have any of the recalled foods, thankfully.

As far as the pic, thanks so much. What a feast for the eyes - taking it all in, each tiny detail a story in itself. This region is rich with history and I'm definitely going back.

Thanks Bobber, if you ever get the chance to get to this region, don't hesitate. I had no idea of its vast beauty before this trip.

Thanks Phil - I have dozens and dozens of panos yet to do. I can spend all summer just editing up this 2.5 day extravaganza!

Thank you Herb, it's absolutely breathtaking. Thank heavens for digital - these panos are wonderful.
Breathtaking image, Sandi!

All the best to your cat. You are doing all you can, and hopefully he will continue to respond favorably. Please keep us informed!
Thanks Dave. He's a rescued cat and I have a very big spot in my heart for him as he's come a long way - I'm not ready to say goodbye to him just yet. He's enjoying the pampering. I came home to find my Explorer vandalized too. Talk about coming down from a high from the trip. More like a crash landing.
I think that's one pano I'm going to get printed at 12x36 for the wall. The rich reds are amazing.

Thanks John, glad you like it :smile:. Beaubeau appreciates your kind sentiments.
Thanks Jonathan - if you think the photo is breathtaking, you should be there LIVE!!! I was astounded and it takes a lot to leave this girl speechless! The weather was perfect in every way.
Thanks Dude, if you ever get the chance, GO!!! Photographers' paradise for sure.

Thank you Larry. I'm going to be spending weeks knitting all these panos together and then I'll see which are the best of the bunch. A LOT of pics here, that shutter-button-finger was busy! :biggrin:
Sandi, Breathtaking is the only word I can come up with at the moment. Wishing your cat well, a sick animal can be a handfull, sure everything will work out. - Jeff:smile:

Chris Pierce

WOW!! I guess I really need to visit Bryce and Zion, I've lived here all my life and never been there and it's only a few hours away, shame on me!!

I can't wait to see more of your shots!
Jeff, thanks so much :smile:. This area is so rich in history, ancient cultures and of course, views like this! I could spend six months travelling around this area, just enjoying and shooting. Beaubeau continues to hang in there and gets up every once in a while so we think he's going to make it. Thanks.

Chris, how can you NOT go there!!!!?????? Once the vacation crowds thin out, I'm heading back for more pics! Didn't get enough with only 2,500 in 2.5 days!
Sandi, first off I hope your cat will have a speedy recovery. I know with all the love you give it that the cat is in great hands.

Second, your image is simply perfect. This is a trip I so want to make. My wife and I came very close but changed our plans to go to California and Big Sur instead. If I had seen your image first my plans may have been different. I look forward to seeing more. Thanks.

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