Bump in the night things

Discussion in 'Other Animals' started by Lou Buscher, Aug 6, 2007.

  1. No explanation needed
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  2. LOL, Lou you certainly have a nice variety of critters that visit your yard! Bears, coons, birdies, wonder what else you're gonna catch! Nice going!
  3. Well Dianne I am closeing down my deck to all as I have as this morning stopped feeding the birds. Yesterday in broad daylight I had not one but two sows with cubs/cub pay me a visit and all with in one hour. The first was a sow with one cubs and took my entire feeder down and when I chased her she was not very ---well not happy to leave. I fixed the feeder and in about 45 minuets I heard noise again and I went out and sure enough it was anothe sow with one cub just starting to tear things apart I took two photos than this time I put a shot from a rifle over her head and they took off. About 2 hours later I see this big rat on my deck so I figured this is it so I shot the rat and took down the feeder. The rat shot was a clean through and through so no lead so it went out for my red shoulders to find and it is gone as I heard them so at least they were happy. I will continure to feed in the front yard and again in the winter in back. I will post the two photos I took before placeing a rifle shot over their heads.
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  4. Here is the two photos of them starting to leave befor me placeing a shot over their heads I do hope this put some fear in them and if another visit occurs I will do the same thing till they get the idea.


    leaving with 2 cubs
  5. WOW, Lou! I just can't imagine what it's like having a bear in the back yard! Even though I grew up in the country in Louisiana, the only bears I've seen were in the zoo!
  6. Wow! If ever a situation called for a pack of firecrackers! To bad we're not adult enough in New York to be able to own any huh? Beautiful place you have!
  7. NO Firecrackers Michael I used my M1 Carbine, besides firecrackers are dangerous:wink::wink: Thanks for the look
  8. Wow Lou that is amazing. I can see why you are not feeding in the back for a while.
  9. Not untill hibration time. Besides that is when feeding the birds is a help to them. The summer they don't ned it.
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