Burger's Zoo, Arnhem/The Netherlands

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  1. Hi,
    last weekend I was at the Zoo in Arnhem in the Netherlands. Although I was in non-photographic company I managed to shoot some pics of the halls and some aminals. I can highly recommend visiting the zoo, in my humble opinion it is one of the best in Europe. They left the concept of aminals in cages and built big halls where they re-created jungle and desert landscapes, with little animals moving free within the hall. Here are some pictures, maybe they give am impression.

    A part of the desert hall

    The big screen in the aquarium

    A part of the jungle hall

    The waterfall in the jungle hall
    View attachment 96899

    A Lynx Rufus living in the desert hall (ok, he's behind glas...) shot with 28mm without direct sight contact around the corner :biggrin:
    View attachment 96900

    A Tarantula (as well behind glas...)

    A flower from the jungle hall
    View attachment 96901

    All freehand with the D50 plus Nikon 28-105 (except the Aquarium, Tokina 12-24). Hope you like the pictures...
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    Very nice images
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