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Burn to 1 DVD or 6 CDR's?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by yahtzee, Aug 23, 2008.

  1. I have approx 950 pics that I promised to give to all of the families that went on vacation with us last week. I am realizing that it is going to take approx 7 CDR's to do this (per family). I have a DVD writer and DVD-R's but wont they need a DVD drive on their PC to view these files? Sure would be nice to burn them all onto one DVD-R and be done with it.
  2. zerocool


    Jan 21, 2008
    Tracy Calif
    Yes They WIll

    1: need a dvd-rom drive in the computer.

    2: if the have a dvd player, most players will playing JPGs and they can use there tv for viewing

    3: if they have a computer there is a 90% chance it was purchased in the last 5 yrs, which means DVD-Roms were pretty much standard drive.. soo you should be ok...

    i would go with the more cost effective, 1 DVD vs 7 CDRs IMHO .
  3. Pesto126


    Apr 13, 2006
    Northeast USA
    Agree.. most PC's have DVD's players and writers in them today.. if not, you can always buy them one at newegg for about $20 or so...

    Also, do they need the full resolution version of the images? Perhaps you might be able to reduce them in size thus fitting them on a CD for those that do not have a DVD player and only wish to view them?

    Good luck.. sounds like a great gift!
  4. Lurker


    Jul 21, 2007
    Resize them to say 1200x800 and they'll fit easily onto a CD. They'll open a lot quicker from a CD/DVD too, once they're smaller. There's lots of software available that will do an excellent job in resizing batches. Faststone is the one I use. But I'm sure there's much better (other) software available as well.
  5. They should be fine unless they have an older machine

    I use irfranview which can be downloaded for FREE. It can batch fast with many options if you are interested.
  6. A DVD would be easier to keep up with - 7 CD's? WOW, you'd have to # them and everything. I'd go with the DVD, that's what I do!
  7. Does it matter if the DVD is a +R or a -R
  8. Dunno, I always get the RW's and then when I finish burning it and don't want anything added, there's a way to fix that. I use Sonic to burn them.
  9. Yahtzee-

    In addition to resizing as others have suggested, I'd also cull the heck out of the images- if you have nine pics of the same three kids jumping in the pool, I bet you could narrow that down to three (one for each kid) and save a lot of space that way.

    It also will make you look better. Think about it. if you give them 1000 images and theres 100 good ones, they might notice the good ones and think you are a decent photographer...

    If you send out the 100 best, they'll be amazed at how good you are <g>.

    This thinking really applies more to 'professional' situations than personal, but I bet if you went through your shots critically, you'd be able to cut the number at least in half.

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