Buying lenses outside N.A.

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  1. Anyone ever bought a lens from Hong Kong online sellers? One dealer has over 10,000 sales with a 99.3 % rate. Not that i plan to right now, but i may in the near future. I've bought lens filters from a dealer in H.K. without a hitch and the goods are as advertised. I assume the lenses would be no different.
  2. I'm buying more and more stuff including expensive lenses from Hong Kong. One of my most most recent purchases was a Sigma 120-300/2.8 which I got for 30% less the best Canadian price. It was delivered to my door within 48 hours with almost no tax owning due to a little fancy footwork on the sellers part. (Canadians/Europeans should look for the resellers that indicate no VAT tax). These days you'll pay some hefty shipping fees. Just be sure to pick a high volume seller with solid feedback. There's always some risk, but that's the game you have to play if you want to save some money. The most important thing you need to consider is the warranty. I understand Nikon USA/Canada won't service a lens not purchased in USA/Canada but other manufacturers (e.g. Sigma) will. But even in the case of Nikon, there's always KEH. One other drawback is that it's difficult to return a lens bought overseas whereas most local resellers have more liberal return policies.
  3. The one i ran across this morning indicated no vat tax and a 3 yr. international warranty. I'm not sure how that would work over here and if anyone would honor it. The filters i've ordered have always ended up in the mail box without any tax owing through Canada Post.
    This might be an alternative. I've ordered from Alberta before, as there is no PST. and free shipping a lot of the time.
  4. I used a dealer called HKsupplies in ebay to get super price on Kenko TCs. However, for high priced lenses, 4-5 years of warranty in US lenses, makes me stay away from them.
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