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Bye Bye D2X ------ HELLO NEW D2x

Discussion in 'Nikon DX DSLR Forum' started by sbuttrick, May 24, 2005.

  1. I'd like to hear from of you folks that had to send their D2x into Nikon for OOF issues. After some exhaustive testing of my camera and not being able to get a sharp image, I finally contacted Nikon. They had me send them some unaltered images using several different lenses to evaluate. I got a response today and they want me to send in the D2x body and all the lense I shot the tests with. I'm not real happy sending in my D2x, 17-35 AFS, 70-200 AFS VR and the 105 micro.

    Heck, the shipping on all that glass will cost an arm and a leg. They also told me it would be a minimum of two weeks to get my stuff back. I guess I need to bite the bullet and just do it, but I'd like to hear what others went through.


    Scott B :cry: 
  2. I sent mine in twice.

    First time, it was really for several hot pixels I wanted mapped out, and I was thinking the camera was backfocusing a bit. The hot pixels were near the center, so I didn't want to have to see them in every > ISO 200 photo I took.

    I simply boxed it up, wrote a letter and sent it in. I did not call, etc.

    Less than a week later, the camera returned. Hot pixels gone. But now it was very reliably front focusing. And I noticed that the mirror box was scratched up, obviously by whatever fool attempted to adjust the focus.

    So I boxed it up again and sent it back, with another letter. Still no phone call. I was polite and suggested they test focus at larger apertures, etc. I also mentioned I wasn't please to see the damage.

    Again, less than a week later a brand new D2X arrived. They replaced the camera.

    Both times they sent the camera back to me overnight. Not a single phone call.

    At this point I am happy with the camera. I see a few things, including some minor front focusing (but I am not certain) and I have had the camera occasionaly get into a state where it will not focus. I think I have solved the latter in that the focus mode switch may have been resting in a spot between manual and AFS.

    Nikon made me happy by replacing the camera. It wasn't really necessary.

    I do get a feeling they are still figuring out how to calibrate this camera, and that there could still be a bug or two that needs sorting out in firmware.
  3. Re: Bye Bye D2X

    Sounds like they are trying to figure out if/what their problem, if any, realy is.

    If they have full understandind of a problem they'd not ask you for the body/lens combo.

    Interesting and informative, thanks.
  4. mca

    mca Guest

    Hey Scott,
    I had my D2x for 2 days and the camera would lock on and the shutter would not fire. The only way to turn the camera off was to pull the battery out, so i next day'ed it to Nikon in Melville (they will e-mail you a pre-paid shipping label). After Nikon had it for seven days, i started to call and complain about how long it was taking to repair my camera. They told me that the camera did lock on for them and they were trying to recreate that phenomenon. They wanted more time to further evaluate the camera. I told them that i have my daughter's graduation this coming sat, so they over night'ed me a brand new D2x camera, that seems to be would just great. I am extreamly happy with their correspondance after just two phone calls to customer service :D . Thanks
  5. Thanks guys for the info. I called Cameta Camera this morning and explained my problem and what Nikon had asked me to send in for further evaluation. They said they would be happy to exchange my D2x with a new one and have a Tech person check the new one out before they ship it to me. They also offered to refund and shipping costs that I incurred. WOW....that's service. I did ask if what they are selling now was from a new shipment from Nikon and they are. I sure hope the 2nd camera is ok, because I'm going on a short vacation on June 13th.

    Thanks again,

  6. Scott,

    I figure why they want your lenses is because they want to check the lenses out to see they are the problem because IMO, Nikon must be getting tired of fixing and replacing cameras that they are now looking to lenses to be the issue.

    Mine is going back tomorrow for messed up pixels, terrible haze on most of my pictures and focusing problems. I have looked at all of the pictures I took since day one and only a handful are sharp and I have in camera sharpening set high and still no sharp pictures. Tested on a tripod and still not sharp.

    When I get mine back, I will post what they found out. I just hope I don't have to send in my lens too. Thank God I mostly used the 17-55 which is a sharp lens to begin with.
  7. dan_m

    dan_m Guest

    Just got my D2X back 2 days ago

    Finally got mine back, gone 3 weeks. No explanation of problem, but focus now much better. Got rid of my 80-400VR today (just looked awful with the D2X, worked great with Koday 14NX(?!))and got a 70-200 and a TC-17II and a 17-55DX. Only had to sell one of my children. My 24-120VR is O.K, but not great on the D2X. Considering looking at some prime lenses. Any suggestions? Good luck with yours.
    Dan M.
  8. mca

    mca Guest

    Hey scott,

    What serial # was your d2x that your going to exchange :?:

    thanks mike
  9. IxLr8

    IxLr8 Guest

    Scott, I got mine for Cameta as well with the same problem. The customer service is really good there. They replaced the camera promptly and life was good.

  10. Mike, the serial number was 5019xxx.

    Paul, it's good to hear you had a good experience on your return at Cameta.

  11. Mine begins with 500xxxx so it's a good chance mine has a problem too since it was one of the few that were purchased the end of Feb.
  12. I bought mine on April 25th.
  13. mca

    mca Guest

    Hey scott,

    My serial# is 5025xxx just wanted to know if yours is close to mine :?:
    thanks mike
  14. Mike, how's the new D2x working out? Any focus issues?

  15. mca

    mca Guest


    So far so good but I'll really test drive it this week end!!!
  16. Let me know after you get a chance to run it through its paces.
  17. Well, I received my new D2x yesterday and what an improvement. It was very windy yesterday and I went out and snapped a few photos handheld. My handheld photos on a windy day are much better that what I could get from a tripod on a calm day with the old D2x. Mind you they were not tack sharp, but I'll take the blame for that as I was handholding.

    Now I'm a HAPPY D2x owner. :p 

  18. Ruffles


    May 5, 2005
    Rexburg, ID
    Mines with Nikon right now. With my zoom lens, 3/4 of the focus sensors would front or back focus. I'm annoyed that shipping witht he lens was more than $60 (to insure everything). I sent it a week ago today and the Nikon website shows it needed major repairs and that it's currently "In Shop" being fixed. I hope to get it back soon completely fixed.
  19. Re: Just got my D2X back 2 days ago

    Dan, not sure what your needs are but the best Nikon primes in order of my experience are: 85 1.4, 180 2.8 ED-IF & 50 1.4. The 300 2.8 is also a can't miss in terms of quality (never used it but saw enough of it to know it's brilliant).
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