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Cafe Challenge #11 - Voting Thread

Discussion in 'Challenge and Contests Forum' started by Kevin Scott, Sep 6, 2005.

  1. We will follow the previous voting procedures which I have copied here for your reference.


    Everyone is allowed three votes:

    1st place: 3 points
    2nd place: 2 points
    3rd place: 1 point

    Make sure to mention the name (member name and real name if different and provide by the poster) of the artist and the title of the artwork!

    Voting begins now and will end on Sunday - Sep 11, 2005 - at 23:59 utc/gmt standard time.

    To avoid time disputes here is the link to our time standard for this:

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  2. I'll cast my votes as follows:

    1st place - 3 pts - Dave/dbirdsong for the Baseball Player
    2nd place - 2 pts - Michael Schuster/mcs for Reverse Macro
    3rd place - 1 pt - Gale for Heron

    Thanks to all the participants for the great entries! I hope everyone enjoyed the challenge as much as I did. Maybe some of these works could be outlined in more detail in the Retouching Forum (now that we have one) ;) 
  3. Leigh


    Feb 19, 2005
    1st place--3 points--Reverse Macro--MCS

    2nd place--2 points--Inca Dinca Do--eng45ine

    3rd place--1 point--Fiddled Field--Elf_8

    Honorable mentions to Gale and Dave Birdsong....I loved these too, but when you can only vote for 3.....it just makes the voting so hard!!!!

    Thanks for hosting a great contest Kevin....I can't wait to see what the next one will be...
  4. eng45ine


    May 11, 2005
    Chicago, IL
    This contest was very difficult to vote on because my Pharting experience is so limited...I am not aware of how much work was necessary to accomplish each entry. I am voting by what I like and would hang on my wall.

    1st place with 3 points- Baseball Player by Dave Birdsong. I really like this image alot. It symbolizes the olden days of the boys of summer. Well done, Dave.

    2nd place with 2 points- Butterfly Dreams by RFCNikon. This image is incredibly creative...I really like the second image faded into the butterly image. Very nice work, Robert.

    3rd place with 1 point- Heron by Gale. I love the detail in this image. The colors are vivid enough without being too much. Just a wonderful capture with the right amount of Pharting. Very nicely done, Gale.

    Honorable mention goes to Michael Schuster for "Reverse Macro". I've seen similar images in the past and this concept is quite nice. Michael, you did very, very well with your entry.

    To all of the Cafe member who participated, you all amaze me with your abilities. I am in awe with your vision and your fluency with your post-processing software. Everyone deserves praise for their entry.
  5. In my opinion retouching should add to the content!
    From that point of view and my personal liking, I made my choices.

    Here's my vote for Challenge #11

    1st place: 3 points go to "Falls Mill circa 1873" by Leigh
    The little retouching really increases the mood of this scenery! Really vintage 1873! :wink:

    2nd place: 2 points go to "Fiddled Field" by Elf_8
    Very romantic mood, like the grass is building a flowing waterfall! Really "impressionistly"
    (from your avatar and your pictures: could it be you are a bit into fantasy? Do you know GRRM) :wink:

    3rd place: 1 point goes to "The Littlest Caballero" by beaucamera
    All the pieces you put into this collage really add together, to show the essence of that day! :wink:

    Honorable mentions to:
    Gale for Glowing beauty: it's shame it didn't fit in the time, Great image! Would have benn my favorite!
    Gale (again!?!) for "Heron": Great capture turned into Photo-Art
    dbirdsong for "Sunday at Greenfield Village": also a great capture turned into Art!
    gbenic for "Windows": Your editing really boosted the statement of this picture!

    ....I might have been writing a little to much.....but there were so many good entrys to comment on..... :rolleyes:  :wink:
  6. What a lot of great entries...this pp newbie is inspired by you all!

    My votes go to...

    3 points to Dave (dbirdsong) for his baseball player...simply the perfect technique for that photo!

    2 points to Frank (eng45ine) for his inca tern...again a great technique for that photo.

    1 point to Greg (gbenic) for his cat's windows...simply mermerizing!

    I wish I had another 6 points to give!! I hope everyone will share the techniques they used here.
  7. 1st Place - Baseball Player by D. Birdsong
    2nd Place - Heron by Gale
    3rd Place - Butterfly Dreams by RFC

    Honorable mention:
    Falls Mill by Leigh
    Fiddled Field by Elf_8
    Reverse Macro by MCS

    Good job by all.
  8. 1st, 3 pts - Dave, Baseball Player
    2nd, 2 pts - Christian, Fiddled Field
    3rd, 1 pt - Michael, Reverse Macro


    Apr 30, 2005
    Voting is never easy with so many great photos

    3 points The Littlest Caballero - by beaucamera

    2 points Falls Mill circa 1873 - by Leigh

    1 point PHART--- Heron by Gale


  10. dbirdsong

    dbirdsong Guest

    Wow what a great bunch of work everyone.
    1st Reverse Macro by MCS
    2nd INCA DINCA DO by Eng45ine
    3rd Fiddled Field by Elf_ 8
  11. Challenge 11 Votes

    First Place (3 Points):RFCNikon, "Butterfly Dreams" , very creative composition.
    Second Place (2 Points): Michael Schuster, "Reverse Macro", masterfully conceived.
    Third Place (1 Points): dbirdsong (untitled), added oomph to poignant photo.

    aka beaucamera
  12. My votes ...

    3 PTS: MCS Reverse Macro
    2 PTS: beaucamera The Littlest Caballero
    1 Pt: Wilk Acid Alley

    Some great efforts here

  13. Greg


    Apr 5, 2005
    Fayetteville, TN
    first place and 3 points Butterfly Dreams by RFC
    2nd place and 2 points Heron by Gale
    3rd place and 1 point baseball by Dave

    Some good stuff here. Was really torn between Gale and RFC for 1st. RFC won out because of appearance that it took several deliberate steps and composition and scaling (sizing) of the images to fit.

    Gale, Really liked your heron.
  14. 1st place - Butterfly Dreams - RCFNIKON
    2nd place - Reverse Macro - mcs
    3rd place - Fiddled Field - Elf_8
  15. Chris101


    Feb 2, 2005
    My votes surely represent the styles of artistic processing I prefer rather than any statement on the quality of the entries. Based on quality, all the submissions would get 3 points from me. These are all GREAT!

    However I must vote, so:

    1st place: 3 points for Heron by Gale
    2nd place: 2 points for untitled by dbirdsong
    3rd place: 1 point for Acid Alley by Wilk

    Honorable mention to The Littlest Caballero by beaucamera
    Honorable mention to Reverse Macro by mcs
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  16. drueter


    Apr 24, 2005
    Southeast Texas
    My votes:

    3 points - Heron by Gale
    2 points - Ballplayer by DBirdsong
    1 point - Inca Dinca Do by eng45ine
  17. The time has now expired for any further voting. Please check the results thread for the winners!
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