Feb 6, 2005
South SF Bay Area, CA.
Like Neil, I felt intimidated enough by the subject that I couldn't come up with something worthy of the incredible competition in these few but wonderful images. Of course, it's hard to choose... but here goes

1. Peter Bendheim (3pts). What a powerful image, wonderfully executed, with the perfect DOF!

2. Gordon aka Greyflash (2pts). Tons of emotions, well captured. You did really well with that whole series.

3. Yves aka Boobie Joe (1 pt). I have the feeling that this was not staged at all. Ariane's look is touching, really. I would have preferred a little less blur, but this is a great imagel.

Honorable mention to the canines (I am partial to them, as you know): Mike and Panos were both able to provoke human feelings, with a "simple" animal image.

Special thanks to Dao for a very good, if somewhat difficult, topic. Good job everyone!
Jan 26, 2005
Marysville, WA
This is really tough. I have been staring at these a while now and they all evoke "something", but when it comes right down to it:

#1, 3 points, Boobi Joe - I'v been there, maybe that is why it hits me so
#2, 2 points, Bryan "PhotoDawg" Daniel - been there as well. Something about the color of the flag against the "greyness", don't know but it hits me.
#3, 1 point, "Greyflash" gordon - seems like all the "been theres" come out on top

I guess for me the bottom line with this is that I want to know the stories behind the images, and these three the most of all.

It really sucks to not have points for the Panos Puppy, and the Benheim Brawler and the rest as well........

All I can say to all of you is WOW.......


My votes

3 pts: Boobie Joe -- A Sad Moment ...
2 pts: Nemesis -- Family madness
1 pt: greyflash -- Operatic Climax

Feb 2, 2005
Real Name
3 points to P-Dawg's flag - it fills me with pride,

2 points to Bendheim's dude who gave me a double take, and

1 point to StuSimmo's bugs, although I like crickets, I prefer the terrestial type, not those creepy alien mutants.

If I had more points to award, I would have given them to Panos' puppy - who can't go awww to that; to Uncle Frank's ducks, once I figured it out, I really laughed; and to Todd's cemetary - as a child I used to play in a catholic cemetary for the fear factor.

Had Steve S taken a photo of the icecream place (also a castle) I went to as a child, he would have won points. And Gordon's climax, Yves' sad moment and Joe's girl ballplayer all show a lot of emotion on the part of their subjects.

Nemesis's construction is clever and well composed, and would make a great cover for Psychology Today, and Mike's wolf is a great shot that really shows the essence of the animal.

If I had 12 points, I'd have voted for them all!

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