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Discussion in 'Challenge and Contests Forum' started by Boobie Joe, Apr 9, 2005.



    3 POINTS:
    2 POINTS:
    1 POINT:
  2. Challenge #5 Votes

    3 Points: Hans, "Fence"
    2 Points: nfoto, "Flying High"
    1 Point: Joe Lorenzini "Angel's Fan"

    This was hard! There are a lot of good photographs here, but in making my selections, I looked at how the artist used his or her tools and insights to help me go beyond the photograph itself.
  3. By far the most successful and hardest to judge challenge yet. There are a LOT of outstanding photographs.

    3 points to: Hans (very Blair Witch Project)
    2 points to: AirBete for "At the speed of light"
    1 point to: Panos for "Last Light"

    Honorable mention goes to Jonathan's red "X". Very abstract (grin).

    Thanks to Yves for the topic and to all the participants for their creative entries.

  4. Greg


    Apr 5, 2005
    Fayetteville, TN
    interesting lot

    3 POINTS: Stusimmo - 2 up 2 down
    2 POINTS: Hillrg - pigeons
    1 POINT: Daodang -colors on a ceiling
  5. This is a tough call...
    Challenge #5 is by far the most successful both in terms of participations and quality!

    3 points to: Peter Bendheim for "Season 3/4" :!: :!: :!:
    2 points to: Dao Dang for "Colors on a ceiling" :!: :!:
    1 point to: Hans for "Fence" :!:

    Yves a thousand thanks for the topic and the great orginization, as well as to all the participants for making it such a success! :) 
  6. F15Todd


    Feb 1, 2005

    Great shots everyone.

    3 Points: Dao Dang for Montreal Congress Center
    2 Points: AirBete for At the speed of light
    1 Point: Leigh for Night view from the Brewery
  7. This was fun and tough to vote!!
    Many great pictures. My vote, keeping the Contest Subject in mind:

    3 points: Flying high - nfoto
    2 points: Patterns of light and shadow - beaucamera
    1 point: colors - Vinod Menon
  8. AirBete

    AirBete Guest

    AB's votes

    3 POINTS: bendheim, Season 3/4
    2 POINTS: daodang, Colors on a ceiling
    1 POINT: Boobie Joe, Something

    And if I had had more points to give:
    4th place: hans, Fence
    5th place: Nemesis, Not so abstract
    6th place: Vinod Menon, Colors
    7th place: Frits, Alien Invader at Dawn
    8th place: greyflash, Female Psyche

    Thanks to Boobie Joe for organizing this challenge.

  9. andreas votes

    3 Points: Hans, "Fence"
    2 Points: Bendheim "Season 3/4"
    1 Point: Daodang: "Color on a Cieling"

    I have tried to take the ones that evokes the most emotions in me. Hans Fence is very somber, reminds me of dark winters in Sweden. Bendheims Season 3/4 gives a feeling of the Struggle in Suth Africa for me probably becasue of all of Peter's excellent descriptions an photo's from his home country's struggle. Daodang's Color on a Cieling is sort of a reminder for me when I first went to a big city with skyscrapers and the childish wonder I had for the reflections and colors and the echoing traffic that never dies down.

    Nice work by all!
  10. 3 point Hans

    2 point DaoDang

    1 point Vinod
  11. Wow ! What a challenge. Thank you Yves for setting this one up, and with so many good contributions.

    3 : nfoto for Flying high
    2: bendheim for Season 3/4
    1 : Boobie Joe for Something
  12. Chris101


    Feb 2, 2005
    3 points: nfoto's flying high
    very beachy.

    2 points: bendheim's season 3/4
    colors so deep I want to walk into them.

    1 point: hans' fence
    the grain, the pattern, the mood!

    I would have given points to others too, if I had 'em to give.
  13. Challenge 5

    Some excellent entries; some are more abstract in the true sense of the word than others; ALL are very good, and to choose ia not at all easy.

    3 Points to Hans for his B&W abstract FENCE, which is somthing I'd be proud to hang in my house...

    2 points for nfoto for FLYING HIGH, which is truly an abstract work, nice coloring.

    1 point for AirBete's SPEED OF LIGHT which I really like a lot.

    Nice challenge.


  14. 3pts....Patrick..........I like the abstract originality
    2pts....Peter............The colors are amazing
    1pt......Hans............Now that's abstract!!

    I have really enjoyed this challenge and I am looking forward to the next one!! :)  :)  :)  :)  :) 
  15. Votes

    What a huge submission list and all very good. My votes are -

    3 pts - Colours - Vinod Menon
    2 pts - Colours on Ceiling - Daodang
    1 pt - Season 3/4 - Bendheim

  16. First a great thank to Yves P. for this challenging contest both for the topic and for the voting.

    3 points for nfoto "Flying High"
    2 points for Bendheim "Season 3/4"
    1 point for Beaucamera "Light and shadow"

    Flying High's pastel colors and simple shapes make me feel lightness and joy of living in summer. With the hot colors, the contrast and the texture, Peter's Season 3/4 reminds me that nothing can withstand heat and time degradation. Beaucamera's picture brings me back to my chidhood excitement when the first time, I saw the colors and lights in a kaleidoscope.

    Congratulations for all the participants. You girls and guys are so creative.
  17. Nemesis

    Nemesis Guest

    My votes

    Actually, it's tough! Challenge's partcipation is great. I think that the extended submission period was good for participation... and quality of the work done!!!!

    3 points: Vinod Menon - colors :)  :)  :) 
    2 points: Patrick Bramlett - rollerblade accident: kind of stuff I really like!!! :)  :) 
    1 point: airbete - at the speed of light :) 

    Others honorable mentions:
    Daodang colors on a ceiling
    Nfoto flying high
    Boobie Joe great shot... as usual!!!!
    Frits cool!

    Very good challenge overall, for everyone!!! many good shots

    Win or lose, if you've been inspired or learned something, everybody will come with something better next time!
  18. hans


    Feb 5, 2005
    The Netherlands
    3 points: bendheim season 3/4
    2 points: stu simmo 2up 2 down
    1 point: vinod menon colors

    Difficult difficult great photos fun challenge
  19. 3 points - hans - fence
    2 points - Vinod Menon - Colors
    1 points - nfoto - flying high
  20. 3 points: Nfoto
    2 points: Beaucamera
    1 point: Vinod Menon
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