Calumet has 4%-10% on cashback

Discussion in 'Nikon DX DSLR' started by C2020, Sep 4, 2008.

  1. After GroovyGeeks post regarding 15% off the D90 at JR Music, thanks for the heads up by the way, I started looking at other livesearch cashback vendors and I found Calumet offers 4%-10% off. My question for those who have delt with cashback is, how can I tell what percentage is offered for the D90? Does Calumet state the discounted amount somewhere or do I need to call them directly? If they are offering 10% off the D90 then that would still be a significant discount for all of us who missed the 15% at JR music.
  2. You go to the site and enter the D90 in the search box. It will then display who sells it and at what discount. You then click on the store and Live directs you to the store for purchase.
  3. I called Calumet and they said the discounted amount is from livesearch, not from calumet. I must therefore contact for the discount percentage. This seems rather convoluted and confusing. I'll see what livesearch says...
  4. Just because the D90 is not yet listed does not mean that you cannot get CB. I emailed with the very question posted by the OP, since Calumet started selling the D90 on pre-order first with 10% CB. The answer is that, unless listed explicitly otherwise (by finding the item with a search listed with an explicit % off higher than base), you ALWAYS get the base percentage. So for Calumet you would get 4% off, at the present time you are better off with J&R, which are at 6%. Microsoft has ratched down ***severely*** on CB across the board --- J&R went from 15% to 6%, Calumet from 10% to 4%, B&H from 6% to 2%, etc. Before that had as high as 20-25% CB for some stores, I suspect that these are never coming back. I am surprised that they lasted as long as they did in the first place.
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