Came across a fire on my way home tonight...

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  1. ...and thought it would be a great test for my [semi] new D300 and the new Sigma 70-200 HSM II that I just so happened to have with me. I didn't post this in my review thread for the lens because it's far from ideal shooting conditions, but I think even at up to ISO 1250 these show the lens' potential. I was VERY impressed with low light focusing and found the lens hunting very little.

    Also, I just got a new imac and haven't had a chance to get something to calibrate it with yet(I've been reading that Spyder2 express is a pretty good calibration program for a fairly low price...?) Please let me know if these look terribly off in any way. Thanks. - Ryan

    ISO 800 1/100th f/2.8 70mm

    ISO 1250 1/100th f/2.8 70mm
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    ISO 1000 1/80th f/2.8 200mm

    ISO 800 1/100th f/2.8 200mm
  2. Hi Ryan..
    Nice series of shots of a bad situation...
    The 3rd shot is my favorite, has a lot of feeling to how tired these guys are after the battle with the blaze...
  3. Hi Ryan,

    Yes the third one i like the most.
  4. Yea, neither did I. the neighbors said it was really blazing, but I got there a bit later and had to settle for smoke only.