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Campfire photos!

Discussion in 'Annual Alabama Sessions' started by sommer, Apr 5, 2007.

  1. Can you tell I took the day off work today?! I'm sucking up bandwidth like crazy :wink:.

    Here are some photos that Paul took at the campfire. We had a fabulous time, and I'm thrilled so many people could make it. I missed seeing those who couldn't come, but I hope you'll make it next time! It's worth the trip!

    The fire was rip-roaring hot....you can see the heat coming off it in front of Rich and Patrick! The hotdogs were a great idea, Leigh!


    Joe and Carolyn sharing what looks to be one of Faye's outstanding cookies!




    Three little beauties...probably hatching their marshmallow-selling plan :wink:

  2. rbsmith


    Apr 13, 2005
    Saltillo, Ms
    I hate we missed the campfire. But the teenage daughter and the mall won out.
  3. Hey, anyone want a great S'mores recipe? I think may be on to something. Have you ever had a S'more that tasted like chicken?

    What can I say, it was dark and there were flashes going off...
  4. Looks like a great time, we were just too tired. Maybe next year.....
  5. Nice images of good times Sommer! As you know, I got stuck at Landry's :smile: which was fine in its own right but it just was too late afterwards.
    I hope to have the opportunity to make up for it, this just looks like so much fun!
  6. Rex, priorities, man! The mall will always be there, lol!

    Larry, Marilyn and Frits...you were missed! I hope you'll be able to make it next time. I understand the fatigue though...if not for a nice nap on Saturday afternoon, I couldn't have held out that evening.

    And Mason....Mason deserves an award. How do you make it through 10 years of Boy Scouts....10 YEARS....and not know how to make a s'more?!??! And then to make one that tastes like chicken....I tell ya. Not to mention the fact that he keeps mentioning some cryptic "natural well" up on the mountain that no one else on the planet seems to have heard of......yeah, riiiiiiiiiight......

    Just kidding, Mason....I love ya! I really appreciate your bringing Connie and yourself up on Saturday night. And next year we'll find that well :biggrin:.
  7. Leigh


    Feb 19, 2005
    Once again, the campfire was the big hit of the weekend! For those who didn't make it up, this is just one more reason to start planning on making it to Alabama next year!!! I'll bring the hotdogs again if Faye promises to bring more of those amazing cookies!

    Thanks for having us all up there, Sommer, Paul and Melissa! Wonderful memories were made!
  8. Sigh….Sounds like I need to catch everyone up:

    We were a “urban” troop, meaning we got badges for identified various muscle cars and navigating storm drains (which may have helped determine my career as a utility professional?). Also, my scoutmaster was a 28 year old substitute teacher who used our troop to help meet girls. We always smelled like the $.25 Polo knock-off cologne you find in really crumby gas station bathrooms. When we did camp, we spent most of the time trying to connect a little black and white TV to our scoutmaster’s van without the aid of the power inverters that are now readily available. We didn’t cook s’mores, but we did eat a lot of MREs from the Army surplus store. And it wasn’t ten years, really…more like a few, sorry. We did have a good time but I ended up in the Civil Air Patrol instead because I was interested in a career in the military and they had a Cessna 172.

    I’m not knocking the scouts. It was a great time, but maybe a little different than when my dad was growing up. He just asked a couple of weeks ago, “For a Boy Scout, you sure don’t know many trees or birds”. That’s when I filled him in (my parents were divorced and I was living with my mom) and said, “No, but I know a LOT about cars!”.
  9. Awsome pics Sommer! And Mason, you're too funny! We hope we can make it next year!!!!!!! And hope we can camp side by side like last year! Oh the memories!
  10. Nice photos, Sommer. The campfire is something not to be missed.

    Mason, Civil Air Patrol is definitely better than Scouts! (I'm an officer of Hong Kong Air Cadet Corps)
  11. Sommer
    I am sure sorry I missed this too. I was determined to make it this year but ran out of energy.
  12. I love campfires

    This looks like a great event. I hate hot dogs, unless they are cooked in a campfire. Greg has the patience to make perfect ones.

    We have a very large backyard with a campfire pit in the rear. We'll build a fire and buy hotdogs for any of you who would like to come to Idaho and have a fire with us!
  13. would tomorrow be too soon Terri? ( I am hungry)
  14. Cool!.....an Idaho cookout!!!!

    Thanks Terri!
  15. Flew


    Jan 25, 2005
    Yeah, me too. I'll have to get Mason to drag me up next year. :eek:  :biggrin:

    Looks like a great time. Sure wish that I could have made it. Personally, I love hot dogs, but especially campfire cooked hot dogs. :tongue:
  16. cknight


    May 2, 2005
    Madison, AL
    Mason, I don't think your scoutmaster was the real thing. He was just using ya'll to pick up chics. You should give your badges back. That "we were an urban pack" just doesn't cut it :biggrin: .

    I did the CAP thing too. I'm still planning on getting my flying license one day. But that would mean no more money for lenses.
  17. You come anytime and we'll make a campfire!:biggrin:
  18. Mason and I got there and shortly thereafter people started leaving.... Oops! Next year I guess we'll have to get up there a little sooner! It was fun nevertheless and the campfire was wonderful!
  19. Come, come the crowd's all here for the Alabama jubilee...

    When y'all coming out West?
  20. I had all the intentions of making the campfire cookout. The idea of smores was sooooo tempting. I just had one little problem...when I made it back to the hotel (at about 2pm), I deciced to take a nap...I woke up at 9pm. So I missed the smores and was bouncing off the walls all night long. I had to stay awake until midnight to go back to sleep. Anyway, I'll be sure to make it next year.
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