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Can use a speed flash and fire strobes wireless at same time?

Discussion in 'General flash photography, lighting, and technique' started by sic1, Aug 2, 2007.

  1. sic1


    Feb 9, 2007
    Chicago IL
    I am going to pick up the ebay wireless flash units that mount on the hot shoe to fire my strobes, But was wondering if there was a way to use a speed flash like a sb-600 or sb-800 mounted on the camera and still be able to trigger additional strobes other than setting the additional strobes slave mode where any flash would set them off?
    Could i buy one of the hot shoe type recievers and mount the sb600 to a flash mount on the camera and use like two other plug in recievers for other strobes and fire all three from the hot shoe transmitter mounted to the cameras hot shoe?
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  2. You can use an SB800, or your D80's internal flash for that matter, to trigger remotes on any one of 4 channels. Random flashes from non-CLS cameras will only trigger your SB800/600 remotes if they are set in SU-4 (dumb slave) mode. If they are in iTTL or manual mode, only your D80, or another CLS camera operating on the same channel, will trigger them.

    So why are you picking up the ebay wireless triggers?
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  4. Uncle Frank answered your first question. As for the second, NO you can't do that. If you mount the SB600 to a flash mount on the camera, and by "flash mount" I assume you mean the hot shoe mount, then there is no place to mount the hot shoe transmitter.

    If, on the other hand, by "flash mount" you mean some sort of flash bracket not associated with the hot shoe, then yes you could mount the transmitter to the camera hot shoe, one receiver to the flash on the bracket and multiple receivers to remote speed lights. Of course, you loose any TTL flash metering or CLS capability.

    However, here's one interesting thing you CAN do if you have an SB800. Mount the SB800 on the camera hot shoe and connect your EBay transmitter to the SB800's PC sync port using a male to male wire. Attach a receiver to one or more wireless slave flashes using either a hot shoe mount or a PC cord.

    When you operate the camera shutter, the SB800 will issue a firing signal at the PC port, the transmitter will do it's thing, and your receivers will trigger your multiple slave flashes.

    Unfortunately, as soon as you remove the SB 800 from the hot shoe, the triggering pulse at the PC port is disabled so it's not as versatile as one might wish. :mad: 
  5. Yea, what Bob said!

    I have pocket wizards and a SB800 and you can mount the SB880 on the hotshoe and connect the PW via the pc sync to the SB800 and fire your strobes ...the only problem so far is finding a affordable bracket the will hold both the SB800 and the PW. (I connect to the hotshoe via a SC29 cable)

  6. BigPixel

    BigPixel Guest

    Another approach would be to use pocket wizards on any strobe you have (if shooting manual). Could be an old strobe like an SB28, etc. Then set an additional SB800 or two to fire in SU-4 mode. Light from the older strobes controlled by the transmitter will trip the 800's by IR light. We did an interior shot recently using this technique using 4 strobes. We only had three PWs and two 800s. We added in two SB-28s. Believe it or not, it all worked. Took some time to set up, wouldn't be anything you'd want to try for quick general shooting.
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