Can we make these LL pix better?

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  1. Our son Ryan, having played a couple of years of T-Ball, has "graduated" to a neighborhood Pinto League team this year. They use a machine to pitch and the team members are all 7 or 8 year olds. Although we're true Seattle Mariner fans at heart, Ryan's team are the "Twins" and the coach apparently hails from Minnesota (thus the "M" on the hats!!)

    Here's a few shots from today's game (and yeah, I know I am NOT a "sports shooter!!)


    Making a play (he's s 3rd baseman right now ...)
    View attachment 93958

    Taking a swing (and getting a hit ...)
    View attachment 93959

    A hit ... and getting to first (sequence)
    View attachment 93960

    View attachment 93961


    View attachment 93962

    Made it!!

    ALL of us are looking forward to the next game!!

    Photo wise, all of these are from our D80. I'd like to improve future sets, so any ideas or suggestions would be welcome. The field will be the same so I don't have much choice on the background, but we do hope for some brighter weather!!



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  2. Ray C.

    Ray C.

    Nov 7, 2005

    Overcast/cloudy weather is the best for sports, and seeing you're in Tacoma, that shouldn't be a problem. :wink:

    Couple of suggestions, try to pick the LEAST distracting background. Seeing your son is a RH hitter and plays 3B, position yourself on the 1B line for shots of him with the 300mm wide open. At 5.6 your bg isn't going to be great, but if you frame him as tight as possible, it'll be ok. Also, you can get some good shots of him fielding grounders/throwing to first during the warmups each inning.

    For some good ideas, check out the BB that MikeMac and eng45ine are shooting here at the Cafe. They're cranking out some great stuff.
  3. Getting over on the 3B line and blurring the background a bit more are good ideas. We have a game this week and I'll give that a try. Thanks!!


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