Can you "turn on" gridlines in a D2Hs??

Discussion in 'Nikon DX DSLR' started by NJDJ, Jun 6, 2007.

  1. NJDJ


    Apr 15, 2006
    Can you "turn on" gridlines on the focusing screen in one of the D2Hs menus? I thought that it could be done but I wasn't able to find it. :confused:

    Also, I don't do much (any) manual focusing but I am entrigued by the "rule of thirds" gridlines that can be had on the Katzeye screens. Is this nuts or does anyone else use a Katzeye for this purpose? Seems like it would be pretty helpful for composition. :smile:
  2. NJDJ


    Apr 15, 2006
  3. D2 series of cameras don't have gridlines in the viewfinder by default if I recall correctly. They require you buy a ~$100 replacement screen for the viewfinder to get the lines. This is one of my grips about paying $2000+ for a camera only to lack features that are extremely useful of a lesser camera (D200, 80, etc).
  4. Well, there is a bit more in a D2X(s) than on/off gridlines... :rolleyes:
  5. Well, I have a D2H and I do love the viewfinder very much with basically ALL the info about camera settings in the VF readily viewable. I didn't mean to bump on the D2 crowd because I love my D2H as well :) Just that D200/70/80 etc all have the gridlines that can be turned on with a menu setting.
  6. I agree. I would love to have the gridlines too.:smile:
  7. Yep - I took this shot with a D70 (9 shot pano) without a tripod, definitely wouldn't be possible for me without the gridlines:

  8. used yesterday on my D200 for first time and still managed to get crooked horizon.


  9. Surely this is the difference between a pro camera and an enthusiasts (sp) camera?
  10. With all of the software capabilities out there I do not see the problem. If a horizon is slightly off, simply straighten it in your editing software.
  11. It takes practice :) the camera can only help you with gridlines, guides, exposure meters, etc. You have to decide when you fire the shutter.

    Horizon correction would be at the cost of edge clipping, like cutting out a diagonally offset rectangle (or whatever other crop) out of the current rectangle. For the pano shot if I wasn't perfectly level too much would've been cropped out.
  12. There are many differences, indeed. However I just don't agree with some of the design approaches. I've heard somewhere that Japanese considers on camera flash "Amateur" so notice none of the "Pro" Nikon or Canon bodies has an on camera flash. I personally find the flash on my D200 that can also serve as command for my SB-800s very very useful and allows me to buy 1 less than for my D2H.
    I guess with that logic obviously I'm not a pro since if I were I would have the deeper pockets to buy as many SB-800s as I need, hehe :D
  13. Perhaps a very inexpensive bubble level would help you
  14. If I was on a tripod then yes, but I didn't have my tripod with me at the time.

  15. I agree with all that you said, It was said slightly tongue in cheek, but most pro photographers will not have an issue of buying a new focusing screen if they want the 1/3 grid lines. I have mine switched on permamently on my D80 and as you said now use my one board flash as a comander for my sb800
  16. Ditto Dave :)
  17. imageswest

    imageswest Guest

    It's closer to $35, actually... I just installed one in my D2Xs (same screen as D2Hs)
  18. IIRC the D200 was released after the D2X. I believe Nikon occassionally introduces new features (like selectable grid lines) in the Pro-sumer models. If they are well received they can find their way into the next generation pro model.
  19. awesome! sorry to misinform, I think I was thinking about the KatzEyez replacement viewfinders which do cost about $100 depending on option/features.

    I do love the gridlines in my D200.
  20. Yes that's true, however, in this discussion about gridlines, it didn't hold true:

    D1 series didn't have gridlines. D100 did - it was very well received like the D200. D2 series that came after D100 still didn't have gridlines.
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