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Canadian pharmacies

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Czechman01, Apr 23, 2007.

  1. Any US citizens here buying mail order prescription drugs from Canadian pharmacies? I'm considering it but would like to get some specific sources that someone has used successfully.
  2. jaymc

    jaymc Guest

    I get free prescription drugs, but first had to complete 20 years in the US Navy.

    - Jay :wink:
  3. rbsmith


    Apr 13, 2005
    Saltillo, Ms
    I'll be watching the replies. I need to do the same. Insurance and perscriptions are the worst thing about being self employed.
  4. Glad to see my tax dollars at work :frown:. The Canadian citizens suffer greatly due to this practice and we are trying to curb it but to no avail. Our government uses our dollars to keep drugs in this country low for the benefit of the citizens, and with all the "pharmacies" online who sell the drugs cross-border, it also keeps the stock in this country at an abysmal low.

    Next time my meds are in short supply, Woody, I'm heading over to your house!! :wink:

    By the way, folks, for anyone who IS actually thinking of doing this - after many investigations here, we've found that a LOT of the medications supplied by these online pharmacies are bogus. They're cheap-crap imitations, expired medication and you just might be risking your health if you do take them. A lot of the pills are funnelled through those 'pharmacies' from China. Buyer beware.
  5. So this notion that the drug makers charge less to Canada is not true?

    I rely heavily on a few drugs (diabetic) and would never use an "off" source, but I'm curious.
  6. Not true. We can thank our government (ie taxpaid dollars) for keeping our drugs at a low cost.

    I'd never jeopardize my health by using a cut-rate pharmacy. I only have one life to live until someone can come back and prove full-body reincarnation actually works.
  7. Beezle,

    I'll check to confirm, but it is not as simple as a tax subsidy. Pricing, in many cases, IIRC, is directed by federal government.

    I haven't read the whole article, but you might find this useful/interesting, as it compares the price controls established by the federal government with patented and non-patented presecription drugs. In a really short summary, patented prescription drugs are cheaper in Canada, (the US being the most expensive), while non-patented drugs in Canada are generally higher.


    Sandi is quite correct though, that many so-called on-line pharmacies are scams, however there are some legitimate ones, mainly in Manitoba.

    Cross border sales have had an impact, and some drug companies have threatened, or actually implemented, reduced deliveries to Canadian pharmacists to prevent cross border shipping.

    However, if you are planning a vacation, speak with your doctor, in a number of circumstances, all of which I am not aware, prescriptions from US doctors may be honoured in Canadian pharmacies. You're always welcome in the Great White North.
  8. At the present time, it is against the law for US citizens to import drugs into the country, including legitimate prescriptions.

    There is a quid pro quo situation with the Cdn government and drug companies. There are all sorts of research credits given, which are funded by tax dollars. As we all know, large corporations, including drug companies, never enter into a losing business situation - there are benefits for them which come from the country's coffers.

    As Mark suggests, if you're coming to Canada, bring an original prescription to a real-live pharmacy and you'll probably get it filled.
  9. Sure seems a shame that so many things are there to go wrong when it comes to things we all need sooner or later.

    I did work for a major drug company at one time (Lilly) and my wife knows the US medical insurance biz pretty well (UR nurse at one time) and I think the whole thing is a big mess.

    While I'm in good shape working for a big company, I want to work for myself at some point, and when I consider what it would cost for me to provide my own insulin, etc., I might as well set up a lab and start making my own. :tongue: I'd go without, but I wouldn't last very long.
  10. Yi,Yi,Yi,Yi,Yi !!!!!!

    Grampa Simpson did it, with Apu in the back seat screaming what sounded like a Jihad yodel scream, because of too much chilli peppers, and they got thru no problem.:redface:
  11. Got any names?

    I've got some suggestions via PM (probably wanting to avoid charges of treason :redface: ) and I'd like to get some second opinions.

    As far as prices go, I've found that although some drugs are cheaper, it's not always the case. In one case what I can get at WalMart for $4 would cost me $52 from a legit Canadian pharmacy, another is $114 at WalMart and $103 from the same source, another is $55 at WalMart and $37.

    As far as purity goes, the world is flooded with fake/substandard drugs and poison "food" from developing nations that have forever been havens for corruption. It doesn't take a lot of digging to know that the regulating bodies in the civilized world are simply overwhelmed and cannot even inspect a tiny portion of things we buy and put in our bodies.

    The entire system is in a state of collapse... welcome to our Global Economy.

    I'm just exercising my prerogative as a consumer in a free market economy and when I find a legitimate merchant selling something I need/want cheaper than I can buy it elsewhere, he's getting my business.
  12. Gale


    Jan 26, 2005
    Viera Fl
    Thanks for that woody:>))
  13. The whole industry is built on a house of cards...

    My old retired doc, said there were few new drugs that he would prescribe. As he explained it, most of the time, it was just a remanufactured old drug to meet new patent time. When the system spends hundred of millions of dollars in marketing, well...

    Then you get the mostly useless drugs like statins, that don't provide a real benefit, and yet cause a lot if side effects.
  14. It isn't "free market" if a Canadian pharmacy is selling drugs illegally.

    Ie they are likely not supposed to be selling the Americans.
  15. I seem to recall that it is illegal for anyone in the US to buy from Canadian pharmacies. This is US law not cdn. Because it is/was a lot cheaper to buy in Canada than in the US. So to protect US drug markets the US Govt slapped in a law making it illegal. If my memory serves me right there is/was a legit pharmacy in Winnepeg that would ship to US destinations. I do not recall if they would or could honor US prescriptions. I remember when my parents were wintering in Florida and they had a CDN prescription and the US pharamcies wouldnt honor them, They had to go through the whole rigermoral with US Dr's appointments and check ups. tests and so on which were a complete duplication of what they went through in Canada all for huge $ too. Then a US Dr would give them the same prescription.
  16. Okay then, revise that to read "black market".
  17. Not that I see it as a moral issue. The prices they ask for these drugs are insane.

    I'm just skittish about it because the drugs I use are delicate (easily spoil) and dangerous.
  18. Woody,

    I did some searching, nothing I would categorize as exhaustive, but here again is a summary, which supports Sandi, and points out the error of my earlier statement. This is from the Canadian Pharmacists Association, a volunteer organization:

    "1. Can Americans have their prescriptions filled by Canadian pharmacists?

    Canadian pharmacists can only fill prescriptions that have been written by a health professional licensed to prescribe in Canada. Therefore, prescriptions written by American doctors cannot be filled legally by Canadian pharmacists, unless they hold a Canadian licence.

    Some online pharmacies may offer to have a Canadian physician co-sign a prescription written by a US physician. This practice is not supported by the pharmacy or medical professions in Canada or the United States, as patient care can be compromised in such situations.

    It is extremely important to always go to one pharmacy so your pharmacist is aware of all medications you are taking - prescription, over-the-counter and herbal - and your overall health. "

    Somewhere else I found a reference that there was a maximum number of days of supply that a foreign (US) citizen could acquire, legally. I believe that this required a physical visit to fulfill the prescription, but having been proved wrong, this may be incorrect.

    I would suggest that you speak with your doctor.

    I understand the situation you may be faced with. A number of years ago, I was faced with purchasing some prescription medication in Canada. One of the options, given the cost in Canada, was to travel overseas, with a valid prescription, to purchase the medication in the source country. With a round trip ticket, first class, and a week in country to process the paper, it was cheaper than Canada, (not including meals and hotel etc.) Ultimately, the medication was purchased locally at the higher amount, my personal cost/benefit analysis kept me home. No regrets, other than missing the scenery.

    Pharmaceuticals sold and produced in Canada meet standards comparable, but different, than the US. The challenge with on-line pharmacies is the fact that you do not know the source, given the inherent ability of the Internet to hide behind a seemingly legitimate facade. (I know you know this, this is more for folks that drop in here in a few months.)

    I checked the FDA site, (what a mess), you should too. It's not clear what you can or can not do (the answer may be on the customs site).

    I'll put my advocate hat on here and suggest something;

    Drug pricing appears to be wildly distorted, and US citizens are not always bearing the brunt of this. The pharma companies do have a right to recover costs, and make a profit, IMHO. But they are global, and they sell globally, so it would make some sense, to me, that costs, and profits are shared the same way. This will take some will on the part of our leaders, and essentially leads to some regulation of trade.

    But hey, what do I know. Just my opinion.

    In any event, Woody, if you choose an alternative, be careful. I would not want to miss your critiques of my photo's (and others) because you got some bad stuff.
  19. Beezle,

    You have every right, and a good sense of self preservation, to be skittish.

    It's one thing to buy a grey market lens from a known manufacturer, where climate control for storage is not an issue, versus a perishable product that will affect your life.

    Speak with the representative from umunhum and let him/her know that something better needs to be done. IMHO.
  20. sylwesterski


    Jul 25, 2006
    Woody, legal or not my fathers friend has been doing it for two years I was surprised that he told me he saves close to $200 per month.
    There is always a loophole in this perfect world.

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