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Jun 5, 2008

12 -50 ED on OM-D

Think about how many times we all have walked by a thrown away cigarette, on the ground?

Millions , I am sure..

Even though I had two hand fulls of grocerys and its was cold. When I saw this one, I had to put them down and set the little 12-50 Into macro mode..

I am not sure why people "still" think it's okay to pitch there cancer sticks onto the ground.

Not sure why such a lethal product is sold in are pharmacys and stores?

In fact, the fact that some pharmaceys like Shopper's Drugmart are owned by tobabbco is just wrong.

Like my ex who is still a pharmasist used to say..

Smokes at the front, caner medicaine at the back..

Some racket they got going...:rolleyes:

And just so we are clear, the pharmacist voted "NOT TO SELL THIS POISION" in the stores.

At least in Calgary, Alberta Canada

What did it matter? How media attention did it get..

Not a single line. That's how much

Now to me, that's a huge story about and heath and safety.

I realize the huge amount of tax revencue that this poison generates for the government..

Considering the how lethal they are. it hardly seems worth it.

The fact is people dying of Cancer cost the tax payer's lots of money in health care.

When I am at work in fresh out door's, I consider smoking to be occupational heath and safety issue.. and it is..

But it's interesting that the occupational heath and safety codes "dodges" the hazardous effect of second hand smoke..

How week is that? Pathetic really..

And like I told an instrutor, in front of the whole class at a recent heath and safety course.
Untill the issue of smoking is dealt with as occupational heath and safety issue than your industry is a joke..

He agreed.

Than I said "Alright time for a smoke break .. Funny stabby stabby not ha ha.

To me, throwing your cigarette on the ground should be a federal crime, as it has the very real potential to posion the water system..

You throw you cigarette onto the ground and it goes into the storm drain, which goes into the storm drain, which goes into the river. And we drink from the river..

Are we stupid letting people poison are water..

If you spilled poison on to the ground, and didnt do anything about it. It would be illigal right ?

So why is flicking your smoke any differnt.?

And they make it illegal to do advertising. Or even show the product in the store.. But just today, I was at a store and the clerk when behind the curtain for smokes.
And some little kid watched the whole thing..

Right in front of the mother.. That stuff is posion and you shouldnt go near it.

The mom said you got that right.

Than she told me,"you got that right".

I lost my mom to lung cancer..

I said brutal..

Than I said "I lost two of my grandparents... One to lung cancer (smoking) the other to stomach cancer( chewing tobacco).

The guy buying the smokes gave me a dirty look..

When I gave him back my own dirty look. He turned white as a sheet. He started to shake and left the store without the smokes..

The truth is while I don't intimidate people, I did him a favor.

And the kids started asking question..

Why do they sell posion mommy

Good looking mom..

Nice people.

And media is not much help..

Any actor/writer.producer/director, who thinks it's cool to smoke in movies, needs to consider that are youth look at these images and want to be cool to..

It's funny they warn us of sex and violence. But if there is smoking..?

Wonder why..?

Like my teenage daughter says "Ya smoking is really cool":rolleyes:

Clearly, she and my other kids have been told..

And I am lucky, my kids don't smoke the evil ****..

But as a dad, I worry when I see so many young kids smoking..

Peer pressure is huge.

That's why when I see a group of kids smoking I will often walk up to them and ask them "why are you sucking that poison into your lungs..?

We should all do that..

The childern are are future.

And if we do't protect them, who will?

Clearly not the government..

I would love to have a chance to talk to the heath and minister of this country so he could explain to me , how it's okay we sell this poision that often finds it's way into are children..

Perhaps we need to start a grass roots campain and get this poison banned and the people who grow it and sell it, put in jail where they belong.. And if politicians don't have enought balls to do something vote them out..

You know, I love politics.. And I follwed the American election really close..

I was really sad to see that not one of the candaids took the huge platform to warn the people about the dangerous of smoking..

I see smoking as a public heath issue.

Smoking kills way more people than war and murder and car crashes and all the other illegal drugs combined..

And the tobacco company's look at emerging markets, as just more people to sell there evil product to..

IF one person reading this little post on the Nikon hasnt lost someone to cancer caused by cigarettes than there lying..

Please feel free to comment..

In fact, if you read this post..

speak up..

We got start some where to get this evil product banned..

If do smoke please stop.. We want you around. And your kids want you around.

Over the years, I have helped several people stop smoking..

First thing is get a little pocket stick in order to do something with your hands..

And than everytime you feel like smoking .. Twirl you little stick around and push the old air out .. And enhale the good air.

It might take a couple times to quit..

That's okay..

Your not a failure untill you quit trying..

I am making up some really cool little pocket sticks out of purple heart..

If you want one let me know, I'll send you one.

And that dosnt work, for a pricve, I'll come to your house a beat with you will a metal pipe, untill you stop smoking..

Trust me . After I am done woking you over with enthusitac swings on your arms.. The last thing you will think about is smoking..


First thing is for couple of weeks you won't be able to even lift your arms..

After a couple of treetments you will be beat the smoking..

The funny thing is . As much as it would hurt.. It would still be better for you than smoking..

The last part is tounge and cheek..

Did you know that cigarettes cause cancer of the mouth and cheeks.

Tobacco is disgusting..

This post is in loving memory of my grandfather, and grandmother who both died from using tobacco..

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Jun 5, 2008
Thanks Steve,

I really appreciate it my friend.

I know this sujects hits close to home for you as well.

12-50 ED on OM-D

One more point I want to make that tobacco is "THE" gate way drug for young adults and children..

I know this from personal experience back in the day and talking to my kids who are now teenangers.

Even if childern havnt personally "smoked" I can tell that everyone has exposer to second hand smoke..

Think about it..oo

And how many of us have a connection with drinking alcohol along with tobacco?

Sep 20, 2009
Strong shots and comments, Gregory!

Smoking is very strongly discouraged over here.
So much so, that I'm very happy I kicked the habit a real long time ago.
Nov 19, 2011
Central California
I am from an ugly smoking family, I remember as a kid while in a grocery store Dad would drop his butt in the isle and step on it, smoking was in our life, every movie star had a cigarette in their lips, hand or holder, it was our life, I started at 13, and after 3k tries to quit I was able to at 44, after a visit to an Acupuncture, what an eye opener that was. Dad passed away at 77 due to Emphysema, he quit only after he couldn't breathe any more, he was a 3 pack a day Man.

strong post and message, hope it helps someone else.
Jan 29, 2009
truro cornwall uk
Here many of the young girls start very young because they think it keeps their weight down, I lost my brother 4 weeks ago (55 years) through lung cancer but the regular way now appears to be roll ups mainly because of the extortionate cost but they have convinced themselves this way is less harmful, I pray they are right. The question I put to the ladies when I come into contact with them is 'why do you spend so much money on smelling nice when you smell like an ashtray', havn't had much success with the ladies recently advice welcome.
Jun 5, 2008
Thanks you guys

Mike, sorry to hear about your dad..

I appologize for not getting back sooner.. I was frooze out of my Nikon cafe memebership.. Thank to Mike for getting me back in..:smile:

I have got some more thoughts on this subject, but I got some things to do this morning with my oldest boy who is now living with me:biggrin:
When I get some time I will get back to this thread.

For now a color version..

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