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Cannot take picture inside the mall anymore

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by stamp22, Aug 31, 2008.

  1. stamp22


    Mar 15, 2008
    Los Angeles
    Yesterday. I took my camera and go shooping with my kids, they buy I shop opps wrong I shoot :)  , suddendly a mall security officer, come and ask me "what I taking picture for ??" , I said just for hobby, and he said that "After 911, due to security reason I cannot take picture inside the mall anymore" . I just said "yes sir" and put my camera away.

    Is that happened to you guy ????
    Is this the new regulation ????
    Does the right of clikers are protect on our constitution ????
    What happent to out national anthem ... the land of free ...... ????

    Just my two cent.

    FYI, the mall is Westmister Mall in Westminter, California. And I carry just one camera, a D80 with 18-200mm lens.
  2. lovemy8514

    lovemy8514 Guest

    I'm really surprised one doesn't need a license to buy a DSLR these days, or at least to buy a 300mm+ lens!
  3. Lurker


    Jul 21, 2007
    Photographer/Attorney Bert Krages has a one page excerpt with your rights as a photographer (at least in the USA).

    Basically, a mall is a privately owned but publically accesible place. That means that they can ask you to stop taking pictures, but they cannot force you. They do have the right to escort you off the premises though.

    "For the children" and "for security reasons" are the two favorite slogans used by anyone in this country who -rightfully or not- wants to limit your freedom. Usually that's BS but it sounds a lot better than "we don't want people spying on our shops" or something similar. Just keep in mind that they (security or police) pretty much never have the right to demand that you erase pictures that you took, or confiscate/and/or destroy your camera.
  4. Back in the late 80s I was majoring in photography in college and working in a camera store in a mall. I walked out to take a couple of quick pictures for an assignment (nothing major, snapshots really) and they came down on me like I was robbing the brinks truck. I was taking a picture of a square piece of wood that was painted purple on the side of a wall - the assignment had something to do with color.

    9/11 might have influenced some places, but that place went after anyone taking pictures of anything or anyone.
  5. Cope


    Apr 5, 2007
    Houston, Texas
    Bart, Krages' Bill of Rights is of no use to anyone until they are in court fighting their arrest, reomal from a public place, or being prohibited from shooting pictures.
  6. Cope


    Apr 5, 2007
    Houston, Texas
    I would contact the Mall management and not rely on the word of their security guard, but when told to stop, stopping is the best move.
  7. this has been covered here before
    i've shot in the mall before

    you might have RIGHTS as a photographer
    but.... the mall is NOT a public space
    it is ENTIRELY privately owned
    they can make whatever rules they want, essentially

    it isn't like SHOOTING IN THE STREET

    most malls don't allow shooting inside... though, i suppose, that the majority don't "enforce" this rule too often
  8. KeithR


    Jun 21, 2008
    I find this to be quite interesting. Although I live relativly close to, I don't always frequent the Mall of America here in Minnesota. At any given time, there are visitors form all over the globe visiting here. I've been told that there are even flights from places like Japan where people come to shop, stay at the local hotels and shop some more. When ever I have gone to MOA one of the biggest malls in the world, I always see visitors snapping away. Pictures of family with the various stores in the background or just taking shots of what ever. Like I said, I see this all the time whenever I'm there. Ive never seen any security stop anyone from taking the pics at any time.
  9. pirahnah3


    Feb 22, 2008
    As a former security gaurd for a major brand electronics store we never allowed photography or vidiography in the store, many would try but they were all shut down. the mall that we were attached to was the same way, they were a bit more lax in food court or areas of the like but in and right around the main stores they really cracked down on it. There right it is a private building with public acess and they can ask you to leave, and if you dont comply they can have you removed and or arrested by the police. As a side the charges for removal if you refuse do and will hold up in court, i dont know if the photo part would but i know removal and banning from the area does.
  10. woodie


    Aug 2, 2008
    Central Ohio
    The real irony is that if a true "terrorist" wanted to take pictures it would be fairly easy with all the tiny, concealable devices available today. Heck, how about cell phones. Is that guy REALLY talking on the phone or a spy! But remember, it's not paranoia when they're really out to get you.:wink:
  11. biggstr6


    Apr 26, 2005
    It happened to me last year. I was also told by a young security guy at a building downtown to stop taking photos of the Wachovia Bldg. I was standing in the street at the time.

    Its gotten funny . A lot of the iconic photos of the past could never be made today.
  12. It's kinda BS though. Malls are places made to look like public spaces, but they totally aren't. It's really just an illusion. I've been kicked out of several malls for taking pictures, but they don't really have legal parameters. It's just up to their discretion. Word to the wise though, if a security guard ever tries to take your camera away from you, that's considered theft/grand theft depending on the value. They have no right to take your property away.
  13. bozola


    Feb 28, 2006
    Seattle WA
    This has happened to me as well.

    But it happened right after I took a bunch of pictures in the camera store in the mall. How ironic!
  14. Idiot that I am, only weeks after 9/11 I am passing time inside the Ohare Departures taking pics out the window with the 300mm of the control tower. Security comes over.


  15. I had my d40/18-55 with me while at the mall a few months ago. We were walking thru Dicks Sporting Goods to getto onther part of the mall. My wife and daughter were up in front of me on an escalator and I had a nice "mom & daughter" shot of them. I aim, shoot and I swear, Black helicopters, swat members zip lining from the rafters and a crisis intervention team were on me in 30 seconds!

    Actually, the Manager from Dicks was on me with clipboard in hand. "Who are you working for?" he demands. I look at him like he was crazy? Again he is asking me why I feel the need to bring a camera in his store. Obviously I was doing photography to capture their store lay out and price tags on things for the "competition"...

    Needless to say- I appologised, turned the camera off and split... Yeah, No cameras in stores around these parts...
  16. dt, yep, you are right. That is one of the main reasons why photography is not allowed in malls or in the stores. Stores do not like photos being shot of their window displays and they do not like photos being shot inside the store because of their competition.

    Although you would think that it should be pretty easy to tell the difference between an average snapshooter and an industrial spy.....:smile:

    These businesses are very paranoid about this kind of stuff.
  17. JohnK


    Aug 6, 2006
    Pacific NW
    I didn't have any problems taking pictures with a D80/18-200VR in the MoA last October, no one even looked twice (that I noticed). They didn't have a problem at any Cabelas I've been to either.

    The MoA is a very big hotspot after Thanksgiving, airlines offer all kinds of deals to fly people in for Christmas shopping, not just from Japan but all over the US.
  18. jaymc

    jaymc Guest

    Is that happened to you guy ???? No
    Is this the new regulation ???? Not since 9/11, it's common now.
    Does the right of clikers are protect on our constitution ???? The US Constitution is there to protect you from the Government, not private companies/citizens.
    What happent to out national anthem ... the land of free ...... ???? Just a little more restrictions, but not as bad as during the Civil War or WWII. :wink:
  19. dking99


    Aug 19, 2008
    Rockville, MD
    Do we have the right to bring a camera into the malls that have these "security rules?"

    Everyone here should take their biggest body, lens, and flash and carry it through a mall this weekend (powered off) and see what happens. Dont take any pictures, just carry it around your neck and walk around proudly!
  20. First off, I am amazed at how many people have no idea what the 1st Amendment is. It serves one purpose, only. It protects you from government interference. It has absolutely no other effect. It offers absolutely no protection against the acts of another citizen.

    Private property owners can, in fact, prevent you from taking pictures on their property. They can also use force to remove you, as well.

    I have been a professional photographer 30 years. I have never understood why anyone thinks anyone with a camera in hand is the golden child.
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