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Canon 500d close up filter

Discussion in 'Macro, Flowers, Insects, and Greenery' started by Keith, Jul 3, 2005.

  1. with my 70-200mm VR .............. posted a couple of these in the wrong forum, and thought they should go here, if you call this macro. I call it easy man, then again you get what you pay for. LOL

    got eaten alive today, bigger bugs than when I can remember. LOL............

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    View attachment 11463

    Correct me if wrong, poor shot, but think this is a hummingbird moth. Chased him everywhere, tough to get within that 22 inches or so, but was persistent. LOL

    View attachment 11464
  2. Keith, wonderful photos!!! :-D and YES you're in the right place to post.
    The Canon 500D is a CU ring so I guess you can call them Close-Ups ;-)
    It's a wonder what the 70-200 + 500D can produce!
    Keep them coming!
  3. Keith,
    These are great shots. very clear and crisp, good color.
  4. Gale


    Jan 26, 2005
    Viera Fl
    Excellent Keith.

    that is one pretty dragon.

    Looks like a humming moth.

    But the inset folks will be around to tell for sure.
  5. Thanks Panos, Dave and Gale, appreciate the nice comments. Still looking for one of those big hummers!! LOL
  6. Very nice pics, Keith. Good to see you're making good use of that combo. I need to get out my tripod and try some too. You've got great DOF on these - secrets???
  7. Hi Sandy.........

    No secrets at all, the Canon 500d closeup filter does it all for you!! I was a little short on the fstop, should have been between f11 and f16, shot these at f8, dont ask me what I was thinking............Dont need a tripod Sandy, that is what is so cool with this combo. VR helps immensely. All my shots are handheld. The key to working this combo well is to shoot in manual. move forward or backwards till you are in focus and then activate the shutter. Simplicity at its best!!! :) 

    Look forward to seeing your shots!
  8. Hi Keith, very well done, what was the lighting, all natural?

  9. now I will take that as a compliment Martin. LOL..............fill flash on camera - 2 to - 3EV
  10. Hi Keith,

    Great close-ups! Looks like you might have finally got some sun there. That hummingbird moth is quite a capture. :)  :) 

    I know what you mean by being eaten alive. We have a ton of mosquitos after all the rain in June.

    I've been trying a few with just the 70-200 + 1.7TC and getting better at it but think I may pick up a 500D. I agree it is pretty easy with the VR and I've been doing the same thing - putting it on manual and then moving to bring it into focus. This would probably work pretty good with a monopod as well.
  11. Keith, very nice shots, as for the minimum distance to focus does it varies a lot from 70 to 200?
  12. Love these shots Keith. That is a nice lens combo you have put together. Way to go.
  13. Great shots Keith, I guess I need to go out and buy a 500d closeup filter. How's the Spyder working out?
  14. Hi Gilles

    good question, if I was to say off the top off my head, I still think you are shooting the same distance of 22-24inches, but using a smaller shooting distance will give you better DOF to get everything in focus, but I like the close ups with no cropping :D 

    thanks for looking
  15. Hello there

    Thanks Dennis and Gordon, appreciate you both taking the time to comment!!


    Here is a new one from yesterday

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  16. Hi Scott

    There is always something to add to your gear. LOL.........its frustrating, i know. LOL

    Truth be told, gave the spyder to my sister, my wife surprised me with
    a Greg McBeth Eye One because she was tired of me whining and complaining. LOL.............. My sis said it made a big difference for her as she only had it calibrated using Microsofts software..............many thanks again!

  17. I enjoy macro stuff and these are very crisp and colorful shots. I have some of those basic +1,+2,+3 filters for my Olympus but never was real happy with them. It looks like the 500d is a nice addition to the equipment. Now, if I could buy just a little of your talent.
  18. Kim


    Jun 16, 2005
    After looking at your pictures I went straight to BandH Photo and placed my order for a 500D. Thanks for sharing you photos. Gives me something to shoot for! kim
  19. Wonderful shots, love the colors.
  20. Gale


    Jan 26, 2005
    Viera Fl
    Wow thats a pretty one also.. Great shot.

    Just think, how dam stupid are we to spend 7000 dollars to shoot a flippin bug. :>))))))))))
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