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Canon EOS 50D Announced!!!

Discussion in 'Non-Nikon System Cameras' started by sadowsk2, Aug 26, 2008.

  1. sadowsk2

    sadowsk2 Guest

    I can't wait to see the results... 15.1MP, ISO up to 12,800 for this class of camera (class leading ISO to), with newly designed photocells for class leading lower noise, etc, etc...


    The DSLR wars are upon us!
  2. it will be interesting to see how it does at high ISO.

    However for me the big stumbling block is its AF system as it does not seem to be much better than the 40D in that regard. I like my D80 very much except for the AF, which can be frustrating at times with moving subjects. I'll be interested in finding out whether the 50D AF is significantly better than the 40D or D80, and I'd be shocked if it was anywhere as good as the D300.
  3. Alias


    Aug 23, 2008
    Brighton UK
    some one tell them to stop ****ing around and make a new 5D instead of these pointless cameras such as the 450D, 1000D, and now the 50D why? Make some pro gear that does not have to be sent back to canon 5 times before it works properly.

    Sure this is a Nikon forum anyway.
  4. grepmat


    May 5, 2008
    From what I see, this camera is all about the sensor. Going from 10 to 15 Mp is a decent jump into the lead. Of course, it's only a jump into the lead if the noise performance is managed well. I'll be very interested in seeing how that works out.

    For me, cameras are mostly about ultimate performance, NOT high-iso performance, which has been the main selling point for Canon for a while now. I certainly don't want to see a race for the bottom like is occurring in the point-and-shoot domain. So if the 50D manages decent high-ISO performance, but the base ISO quality suffers, I would feel discouraged for the future of higher pixel-density cameras.
  5. Three reasons why:

    • The consumer 450D has a higher pixel count than the 40D
    • The Nikon D300, higher on pixel count and ISO
    • The LCD new screen, I was shooting with a friend that has the 40D and I had to wipe the drool off the LCD
  6. sadowsk2

    sadowsk2 Guest

    IMO- I think the Canon AF on the 40D is equal to the D300... the D300 has the advantage in number of focus points, however the Canon has faster and more sensitive sensors in low light which IMO make up for that difference...
  7. sadowsk2

    sadowsk2 Guest

    To produce superior noise to even the 40D and counter the increased pixel density if you check out the review you'll see Canon has incorporated gapless microlenses to significantly increase the efficiency of each REDESIGNED pixel to further improve noise improvement -detail retention. Pictures will be the proof though but it appears they've taken steps to improve noise despite the increased pixel count.
  8. Interesting that the ISO1600 sample they put up is 1/8000s at f8. That's an enormous amount of light. It's also interesting that they're putting 4 levels of high ISO NR in-camera now. This tells me to expect cleanish but soft images that lack detail.

    I'll be VERY interested to see what shadows are like at 1/50s and f2.

    There may not be much in the AF speed between the 40D and D300, but in my experience the Nikon is more accurate and far more configurable.
  9. sadowsk2

    sadowsk2 Guest

    What images were you looking at? I didn't find any on display at dpreview or the canon site.... I'm sure the ISO is pretty much going to be on with or slightly improved versus the Nikon now that they had a chance to see what Nikon put out... I just hope they don't have a high NR baseline like the D300 where are alot of the detail gets mashed out... I'd rather have a bit more noise and sacrifice the added detail at my own discretion... Hence, why I won't own a Nikon (as I can't rationalize spending the $$$ for a D3 in which case I would, and I haven't had a chance to use a D700 yet).
  10. sadowsk2

    sadowsk2 Guest

    Ahh never mind I found it (the car)...

    I think thats a pretty damn comparable image particularly if look at the shadow underneath the car... Noise pattern looks similar to the D300.. .unfortunately it looks like they did the same thing Nikon did as the NR muddles the images...

    Also I guess because Nikon puts in camera NR in their cameras as well (D300) that supports why their images are soft and lack detail (I guess that explains it)...
  11. That's my worry - I think both camps are finding it harder to deal with crowded APS-C sensors and applying NR to the detriment of detail.
  12. Leif


    Feb 12, 2006
    Maybe, maybe not. 15MP means much bigger files, more space used on a disk, much slower to process in your chosen RAW converter, and very few lenses will be worthy of the sensor. Even 10MP is stretching all but the best. assuming good technique! That is why I have stuck with a humble D200.

    But it is clear to me that Canon have decided to confront the D300 head on: high FPS, improved rear LCD, improved build, high price.
  13. I think the 50D will be a nice versatile camera. Good value for its price. I like the Sraw modes. It would be good if Nikon adapts something like that in the future. I know pixel binning works (It does so with the Phase One backs). Improves noise at hi-iso at the expense of reduced resolution. Good trade off as 7+mp would still be good enough for a lot of things. I'm sure this would be a worthy addition to the Canon camera line-up.
    Nothing ground-breaking in terms of new tech. though. Gapless micro-lenses---Nikon already has them in 3 bodies. Pixel binning, nothing new. 15 mp. --- not much of a diff. vs. 12 to matter. Some pluses or minuses, either way. What I really like is that it gives the user so much versatility.
    If I understand Canon's sraw mode correctly, here's one camera where you can have high resolution (15 mp) with a choice to use smaller files (7+ & 3+ mp.) with the benefit of improved noise characteristics via pixel-binning. Finally, high resolution and a good work-around to the noise penalty that usually comes with cramming that many pixels in a limited space. All in just one body. Good work by Canon's Engineers, I say.
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 26, 2008
  14. Leif


    Feb 12, 2006
    Actually I have thought again about this. The higher resolution sensor will need better lenses, especially wide angles. So, even more Canon users will be buying Nikon lenses and a Nikon F mount to Canon EOS adaptor. Result. :biggrin:
  15. sadowsk2

    sadowsk2 Guest

    Again, APS-C utilize only the center portion of a lens which is trypically the best... No need to buy that 2nd-rate glass you mentioned... We've got the best :tongue:
  16. sadowsk2

    sadowsk2 Guest

    15MP means you can crop more effectively without as much loss in IQ BTW. :wink:
  17. Leif


    Feb 12, 2006
    Only if the detail is there. I really doubt that few lenses can use that amount of resolving power. Of course the proof of the pudding is in the eating ...
  18. sadowsk2

    sadowsk2 Guest

    The test results of the 1DsMk3 indicate the lenses are able to handle it... Otherwise I'd be worried about the rumored D3x and Sony model claiming to have 24MP of resolution...
  19. Yes, this definitely will go head to head with the D300.
    I'm guessing now, so don't take me too seriously. My predictions based on spec.:
    D300 plusses: better build (weather sealing), better AF tracking (for moving subjects about the same for stationary subjects), wireless flash trigger (better flash overall).
    50D: cheaper.
    50D in full resolution mode: Slightly higher resolution. Slightly more noise. Earlier diffraction threshold.
    50D in sraw mode: Less resolution. Better hi-iso noise (closer to D3/D700 than D300).

    Nikon better watch it because the next FF Canon COULD very well have 20mp. and still have 10-12 mp. sraw mode with hi-iso capabilities that rival that of the D3/D700. That would be a truly versatile camera.
  20. sadowsk2

    sadowsk2 Guest

    That could more or less be fairly accurate. I've used the D300 and 40D and I'm not sold on the D300 having superior AF. True it has more points, but again its not as sensitive in low light or fast as the Canon which IMO more than holds its own... I think the Canon can also shoot at a faster frame rate for 14-bit RAW images which I think is a plus. Either way, prior to this camera Nikon and Canon didn't really compete head to head, and one could argue this still isn't an accurate comparison as the Nikon is still a few hundred bucks more than the slated 50D but its pretty close... People will debate the pros and cons of each camera, but I think we can both agree they both put out fine images that, when used properly, can make most people happy.

    If one of the Canon rumors are true, there will be 2 new FF cameras replacing the 5D... one priced above the market segment of the current 5D (I suspect this will be close to 20MP) and an advanced AF system similar to the 1D series... the other might be around 16.7 (similiar to the 1Ds Mk2) with an AF similiar to the 50D... But these are still rumors so I'm sure we'll find out (*hopefull*) no later than Photokina.
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