Canon still updating its DSLR line. Will Nikon?

Jul 25, 2017
Pittsburgh, PA
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I didn't think the z6/z7 were even close, I was wondering about Sony
You mentioned the Z7, which is a Nikon camera, the mirrorless equivalent to the D850.

You didn’t mention Sony in your original post. If you’re curious about Sony, then the camera you’re interested in is the A9/A9 II.
Apr 30, 2005
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Event photography in dimly lit venues is one area that DSLRs dominate over MILCs, especially when shooting stopped down with strobes/flashes. The reaction time is faster and easier to compose your shots with on a DSLR. MILCs have their place, but DSLRs are still superior in certain areas.
Jonathan, with respect - not so sure about "dominates". The majority of my shooting consists of burlesque, belly dancing, wrestling, and fire eating artists - all in dimly lit areas. I haven't had any shooting issues with these types of events with my Z 6...
I'm going to have to agree with Jonathan. But I'll be more specific with the definition of events.

@Panther the events you've mentioned have the action spotlighted, it doesn't do much good if the audience can't see the action. It's also been years, over a dozens actually, since I've shot high school sports. Yes you have to crank the ISO to get the SS and it was always a battle between ISO and SS on the D200 I was using at the time. And while tracking was at times an issue (probably more mine than the camera), locking onto a subject was rarely an issue.

But when you're talking a reception hall with just low ambient, flashing, or black lights where my D750 or D800 struggled without the AF assist from my flash, it's a different matter. I know things have come a long way since I tried to go mirrorless for events, but even if I hadn't retired from event work, it would be a while before I tried it again.
Jun 1, 2009
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It is being able to follow and track a fast moving subject in low light; football running back with the ball running for a TD, basketball player making a break to the basket, etc.
Until I started trying to shoot sports with my mirrorless, I did not have any problem with the EVF.
Once I started shooting fast sports, the EVF limitation became clear.

The EVF on the less than top $$$$ pro cameras are apparently not yet up to the task.
They are getting better with each generation, but IMHO still have a ways to go.

I generally shoot an Olympus EM1-mk2. But for night and gym games, I use the D7200.

I would love to do an A/B comparison of a Z6 with my D7200 or a D750.
So I have shot basketball with my Z 6 I didn't notice any extraordinary AF differences compared to my D500.

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