cant make me smile!

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    Ok this is not a good quality photo but it is a funny one. I had my tripod set up for a Ronald McDonald House charity ride last Saturday with my BIG smile sign on the front. This was one of my favorite shots this day. He told me I could not make him smile, but he laughed as he rolled through check in. Well most everyone else smiled! It was a good day.
    Drew at CBN magazine.
  2. drew,
    i like this shot....
    because of what i represents
    as you might know, i am a pediatrician.... and the Ronald McDonald House charity is one near and dear to my heart

    thanks for all you do for the kids and their families
    i really appreciate it
  3. Thanks Greg. Had 311 registered on 227 bikes and they raised $9000+ this time. Heres more photos of the event if you like to look when you get time. Hows the riding down in Florida?
  4. Thanks for sharing these Drew- RMH is a wonderful charity.
  5. drew.... that warms my heart
    i appreciate that link
    how awesome
    all that money for such a wonderful cause

    God bless you
    as for the riding here...
    not so great this weekend
    but, better than those unfortunate folks being affected by Gustav

    are you riding today?