Can't post sale thread so forgive I do here

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  1. Ok I am not trying to offend the owner of the lens but I'm confussed! a 70-200 ED IF 3.5 ? cant remember. I have never sen a IF lens that had a varring F stop, that why you have IF lenses! as well I don't know but $59.00 less then you paid for it? I don't know about the US but I can say used equipment clean boxed would loose at least 30% of retail, If not I got a whole bunch of older stuff for nikon I'd love to sell and get the $ your getting for that lens. If I was even thinging of buying any similar situation I'd be looking $200.00 $225.00 tops with shipping. I know a freind bought a D100 from Toronto Canada and retail then was $2000.00 and he got it box and a flash card 512 I believe for $1,150.00 ship included. about that 70% of new! I mean good luck if you can get it but maybe I'm missing something. :confused:
    P.S. sry I tried to post at the proper thread but It would not allow me and I wanted to post a reply. :
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    You can't post on the "For Sale" forum until you have 25 posts somewhere else on Nikon Cafe. And, as things usually work in this world, this post was your 25th so you shouldn't have a problem posting there now.
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