Capitol meets 6400 ISO

Jul 7, 2009
Sugar Land (Houston)
First time for me shooting the D700 @ Austin @ 3200 ISO inside and 6400 ISO outside!

tell me what you think?

angel m. leal jr.

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Mar 18, 2008
Miami, Florida, USA.
Angel, you do not have to shoot with the D700 at such high ISO at night to have a great shot. If you were doing so just testing your camera, it is alright.
The D700 is an excellent tool and it has proven its low noise mastery since the day it was introduced.
Using a lower ISO, like 200, will give you a much better quality with your night photography. A tripod is necessary.
I did not see the picture of the interior. Perhaps you forgot to post it.
I have not used the D700 for night shooting so my comments come from using other cameras.

William Rodriguez
Miami, Florida.
Dec 16, 2006
South Florida
Nice, but I agree with William. I do some night street shots, always with a tripod, and most of the time at base ISO. There is seldom a need for high ISO in street photos. Of course, in jazz cafes, museums, and other darkish places were flash and tripod is not allowed, then the D700 shines. But this is not it.


Hey Angel, love the shot but I think you are tilting a bit to the left. LOVE, love the Capitol. I can and will take this shot down if you mind but most of these folks have never seen the Great State of Texas' Capitol in all of it's glory:

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