Capture 4.2.1 Work Around

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  1. I ran some tests tonight based on a post on DPReview regarding disabling Hyperthreading on computers with Pentium 4 processors with hyperthreading.

    Hyperthread Disabled
    42 files saved as TIFF: 8 minutes 28 seconds
    32 files batch processed: 4 minutes 38 seconds

    Hyperthread Enabled
    42 files saved as TIFF: 9 minutes 14 seconds
    32 files batch processed: 6 minutes 0 seconds

    Disabling hyperthreading increases Capture’s (v 4.2.1) performance by 16% faster (batch processing) and 9% faster (saving to TIFF). Also noted was more stable physical memory available without large fluctuations.
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    Thanks for doing the comparison.

    I wonder if any comparisons have been done based on CPU speed and RAM size. We know that faster CPU and more RAM are better, but seeing a comparison might push many users to upgrade the systems sooner than later.