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  1. And here's my Caracara. Only thing is he was taken at the Brevard Zoo since I missed him at Viera.

    This guy was pretty funny though as his attention immediately switched to Gale when she started rattling a baggie. Gale decided to start talking to the bird (Mrs. Doolittle) and rattling the baggie and he started to hop over to where we were. She tormented him just a little longer until he jumped up 3 feet and grabbed Gale's bag through the fence and wouldn't let go. Gale certainly has a way with the birds. Funny thing is they listen to her and do as she says. :D

  2. Nice detail I will have to check out the zoo the next trip around
  3. Gale


    Jan 26, 2005
    Viera Fl
    Hi Kevin,

    This guy was a character for sure.

    The bag thief...lolol

    Good shot, like the background
  4. Hi Mike! Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Yes, you definitely need to plan a visit to the zoo. Many great photo ops if you're not a purist and require the subjects to be "in the wild". ;)

    Thanks, Gale. He was funny indeed. I sure had a great time at the Rookery yesterday. Felt like I hardly got to talk to you though. Too many things to shoot, right?
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    Kevin -

    Beautifully sharp image. I could barely see the guys at Viera, and I missed this guy at the zoo. Rats. Only one criticism - you should have shot Gale, not the bird. :D :D :D