Caspian Tern - Mid-air flip with a bit of drama

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  1. I am always amazed at how birds maneuver a fish so they can swallow it head first. The Caspian Tern does it with special flair, mid-air while flying. For me catching one facing me is a treat, and one that is having a special bit of drama, well, that is simply a huge bonus.

    1. Prepare for the Flip
    BD-20170713-17160410-NIKON D500-Edit.jpg

    2. Oh, oh, it's supposed to be closer
    BD-20170713-17160420-NIKON D500-Edit.jpg

    3. Get back here!
    BD-20170713-17160430-NIKON D500-Edit.jpg

    4. You're not getting away now!
    BD-20170713-17160440-NIKON D500-Edit.jpg

    5. Gotcha :D
    BD-20170713-17160480-NIKON D500-Edit.jpg

    These birds are so much fun, and often so frustrating, to photograph.

    Hope you enjoy them, I sure do.
  2. Wow! Great captures. Living on the coast has it's virtues! These shots are amazing.
  3. I love this sequence, nicely done.
  4. Allan


    Apr 21, 2006
    Nashua, NH
    Good sequence - I like 4 when the tern is set to re-catch it.
  5. An amazing capture in flight. Well done.
  6. Great sequence. Nice job tracking the action.
  7. Great series! Jeff
  8. Very nicely done Bill, you sure captured some great moments.
  9. photogramps

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    Another great sequence of shots :)
  10. Like this set Bill much better light and yes having the tern coming towards you is so much better. Well done.