Cats lounging on a lazy afternoon

Discussion in 'Birds' started by Philippe Roger, Sep 25, 2005.

  1. I came across this funny scene yesterday, rushed downstairs to grab one of the cameras, which turned out to be the D70 with the 35 f/2 and fired off a few shots, all in natural light (and no flash).

    It's a bit blown as you can see because K.C. (Kittie Cat) was sort of bathing in the sun pouring down from a skylight. The backdrop is a mirror, of course, and I cropped the picture fairly deep, from a vertical shot...


    A little closer from the critters: here is B.J. (Black Jack)

    ... and K.C

    On the last one, I cloned out a small portion of the carpet in the foreground that was totally blown out by the bright sun pouring in. Still, K.C had her head partly in the light, which gives the picture that interesting look, IMHO.

    Comments and critiques welcome!
  2. Looks like they were enjoying a lazy Sunday afternoon. Nice shots, and great soft lighting on the last one.
  3. You can almost hear them purr.
  4. Thank you folks. Here is one more from K.C. She's so sweet!... :smile:

  5. I enjoy all of your cat shots, Philippe, but this one is awesome!

  6. Love the last one in the series and of course the one in your second post above. Nice looking images and fine looking cat.
  7. Flew


    Jan 25, 2005

    Great cat shots. One of my very most favorite subjects believe it or not. :rolleyes:

    Looks like you have some real sweeties. :wink:
  8. dbirdsong

    dbirdsong Guest

    I am not a real fan of cats.. (Sorry just not), but I have to admit if someone was in my office right now you could get some pictures of my daughters new kitten destroying it.. He just knocked over a stack of 8x10's off a table as he is jumping from one table to another.
    A little while ago, he jumped about 4' from the couch to land on my shoulder.
    I would like to take some pictures of Charlie.. but he is to busy bothering me and won't let me get to my camera bag.
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