CattleEgret Feeding Frenzy 4 images

Discussion in 'Birds' started by kevin pyle, Jul 8, 2008.

  1. heres from saturday morning at Jefferson Island, same shoot as other post of cattle egrets in their feeding frenzy mode, quite entertaining as the parent will regergitate the food into the youngsters mouth.
    Thanks for viewing,
    Kevin P.



    and the mother taking a breather

  2. Nice captures Kevin.
  3. Great Set Kevin, I really, really like the last one!!!
  4. StephanieHelen


    Jun 9, 2006
    Nice! I never saw the cattle egret feeding before, thanks for posting.

    The last one is my favorite, looks like Mom had to leave the nest for the break :)
  5. Louie,Gary,Stephanie,
    thank you for stopping by and the kind words, its quite the scene to witness almost a violent jerking back and forth that takes place when they do the food swap. I do have another shot showing the regergitation being passed but might be abit graphic for here!
    Thanks again,
    Kevin P.
  6. Humanoid


    Apr 24, 2006
    Stunning images Kevin well done!

  7. Very nice Kevin. Now that is a lot of action for sure.
  8. cool shots Kevin, interesting views.
  9. Good stuff. Excellent job of exposure; the whites are right on. This is particularly well done considering the EV range in the images.
  10. Super, Kevin, I'll simply say "what every body else said" :biggrin:
  11. Ray, Ray, Jim, Bill, & David B.
    I just have a hunch I'm gonna ended luring the "Washington Group" down here from some Southern Hospitality, but I have to warn "yall", we do have the best food in the country, boiled crawfish and seafood gumbo, yumyum! Thanks for viewing and the kind words. It just doesn't get any better seeing the birds you guys shoot up north vs the ones we have down here, same continent, different world, wow!
    Kevin P.
  12. Great set Kevin!