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Caught Dreaming.....

Discussion in 'People' started by Farmergirl, May 18, 2007.

  1. Here is Trevor again..... I caught him dreaming with cookie crumbs on his face. Any comments are welcome as I am really trying to improve.


    Thanks Sarah
  2. Hi Sarah,

    Great capture with the crumbs!

    But, my eye is drawn immediately to his right eye...which isn't in focus...so the image loses a little for me.

    When you took this shot, what did you focus on? When taking these kinds of shots, I focus on the kid's eye, then recompose slightly. Focus lock is achieved best on areas of high contrast (eyeballs are good) rather than low contrast (skin, noses aren't that good).

    JMHO, of course...

  3. See... this is what I am looking for. Great advice. I do always focus on the nose because I think that is the middle of the shot. Have to rethink that one.

    Thanks a million
  4. Nice timing on this one, Sarah. Nice exposure too. Pity it's slightly blurry. Not sure if focus was off or if blur was caused by subject movement or camera shake. I'm leaning more on subject movement. If that's the case, you'd need to up the speed a bit.
    By the way, Trevors really a cutie!!
  5. tomj


    Feb 5, 2006
    Cute shot Sarah.

    John gave you some great advice.

  6. frede


    Dec 9, 2006
    Princeton, NJ
    Cute image Sarah. It looks like the camera focused on the sofa next to Trevor's left eye. I know it's really hard to get nice sharp shot's when your subject is moving a 100 mph. Here's one of my techniques - I use Saturday morning sunrise and Saturday morning cartoons to my advantage. I'll set a chair next the window (of course make sure your son can see the TV) and while my son/daughter watches, I shoot. My children are so focused on the tube that I even have time to position a reflector to bounce sunlight if I need to. No need to buy a fancy reflector either - anything big and white will do - sheets work well. Here's a shot where I used this exact method. The window is to my daughter's left, the reflector is positioned to her right. The reflector did a nice job of bouncing light on the shadow side of her face which added drama. This method also gives you some time to experiment with you camera settings, since you are not shooting a moving target. If you can, shoot many and go right to your computer so you can see what worked and what did not.

    Once you get dialed in with that 50mm 1.4, Trevor's amazing blue eyes are going to be like laser beams. I hope this helps. Good luck. :smile:

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  7. jahuel1

    jahuel1 Guest

    Great shot Sarah. It's a keeper.
    I'm new to DSLR photography so I did not notice the focus that John did. I'll try that approch John.
  8. Thanks alot. Your pic is what I was going for.. the only problem is my son will not watch tv.:confused:  Sometimes I wish he would!!

  9. frede


    Dec 9, 2006
    Princeton, NJ
    Have you tried Buzz & Woody in Toy Story. My 2 year old will sit for 90 mins watching that DVD.
  10. As a non-parent I am coming at this from a different perspective. Others have already discussed the technical details, but I just want to add that regardless of how technically perfect a shot may be, how wonderfully well exposed and focused, etc., IMHO there is nothing particularly attractive or cute about a photo of a child with food smeared all over his or her face. I fail to understand why a parent/photographer thinks that is so appealing! I suspect that further down the road the child who has been the subject in such photos is not going to be charmed, either, by this depictation of him/herself. Not meaning to pick on you in particular but this is something which has bugged me for a while in shots of children I have seen here and elsewhere. Why not strive to take photos of your child at his/her best and show him or her in a flattering light? Kids become engaged in all kinds of fun activities which would be great to capture. Why not look for opportunities to shoot those?
  11. I think as a parent I do shoot my children with food on their face because that is how they are half the time:wink: The cookie crumbs were a complete accident and I didn't even notice until I had the pic on the computer. But that is fine because this is how he looks after a snack. This is everyday life with a child and if I always made sure they were spic and span that is all I would be doing:redface: I do have pics of them with a clean face and hair done with nice clothes on too and those will be cherished but really that is not life! Thanks for your comment.

  12. It's not necessary to have a child all dressed up and spic-and-span for every photo, especially casual candids -- that wouldn't be very realistic! Even I know that! LOL! Sure, kids aren't always clean and tidy. However, and this is my point, you do have choices in when you shoot photos of your child(ren) and when/when not to share them.
  13. Hi Sarah,

    Having raised a lot of kids and now grandchildren and great grandchildren I know how very difficult it is to catch them during a moment when they are still. The age of your son is the very worst because they just do not understand the phrase "hold still" while I take a picture. There are a couple of tricks I use and one is the AF button to lock the focus. The other is to use fill flash for good lighting. If you have a large window and you can get him to play with his favorite toy in front of it you may get enough light to allow a shutter speed that will freeze the action; however, I find it easier to just use fill flash.

    This is a cute image of your boy but the OOF eye just does not do it for me. A quick push of the AF button to freeze the focus on his eye and then a recompose and shoot and this should solve that issue. As for the crumbs, I have "washed" many a face in post processing. :smile: :smile:

    Here is one where I was able to freeze most of the action on my grandson:

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    Good luck and keep shooting.

  14. Sorry you didn't like my pic because of the dirty face next time I will put a content warning next to it.LOL

  15. Thanks for the advice Gordon. I will try that. And I will keep shooting I love it. Great pic of your grandson I love the blue shirt against the black.

  16. :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:

    IMHO crumbs or food smeared all over a child's face seriously detracts from the overall photograph.... As Gordon mentions, I think most photographers do a bit of cleaning up in their post-processing in order to resolve this potential problem.
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