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  1. I know Uncle Frank is a big proponent of the CB Junior, and there are various aspects about that bracket I like the look of, but what I'm really intrigued by is the type of bracket where the camera rotates rather than the flash. For me, this would solve multiple problems, and seems like it would be speedier, especially not having to re-orient the flash for bounce photography. I'm seriously trying to get into weddings/events photography. I was wondering if anyone had experience with the CB pro series of brackets that have this feature... yes, pricier, but I think if well made, worth the expense. I currently have a Stroboframe flip bracket with which I am so thouroughly disgusted with the build quality (It literally fell apart in several places the 1st time I used it for a regular shoot with the weight of the SB-800 on top), so I'm looking to avoid that brand for right now... I have looked into RRS as well... Any thoughts??? Thanks!!!
  2. Cope


    Apr 5, 2007
    Houston, Texas
    Everything on the Stroboframe bolts together, and is done this way to allow for tensioning the flip bracket. Maybe yours was not tightened enough at the factory. I know of too many people using Stroboframe top think there is a serious problem. RRS makes good gear, but their name ought to be Really ExpensiveStuff.
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  3. Miguel


    May 12, 2006
    Norwalk, CT
    I just bought the Custom Brackets Digital Pro-M bracket. I haven't used it on any shoots yet, other than around the house, but I like it. It has a solid build and when you rotate the camera it locks right into position. I've never used any other type of bracket, but I would guess this bracket can be a little quicker than the flip type. I picked it up on special at B & H for $345 with the camera mounting plate, flash adapter and tripod quick release.
  4. After more research, maybe someone who has the CB Junior could tell me if this looks similar to it, but with the camera rotating instead of the whole bracket. It looks like it would work great.


    I like the idea of the grip on the right hand which would allow me to hold the camera and lens as normal. What also appeals to me is the seemingly easy way to flip the camera without having to change the flash head position. This seems to be the best for bounce flash. Anyone?
  5. I prefer to hold the camera body the same for flash and non-flash photography. My bodies all have the vertical grip/shutter release. I use the RRS Portrait Perfect package. It rotates the flash around the lens and takes down to fit in my camera bag. Best system I have tried. Since it is Arca-Swiss compatible I don't have to remove the bracket to mount the body on my Arca ball head.
  6. Actually, I'm a big proponent of flash brackets for event photography... period. I bought a CB Junior several years ago after checking out brackets available at a local camera store. I can tell you how it works, and show you results I've gotten from it, but I'm not suggesting it's a superior solution, because I have no experience with any other type of bracket.
  7. I just purchased the Joe Demb bracket, and so far so good...I've done a couple of events w/ it, along w/ the Joe Demb Flip-It...
  8. And for all those reasons, the bracket I linked above appeals to me. If you don't mind my asking, how much was your RRS bracket? I'd like to compare to the CB bracket I am looking at.

    Sorry to misrepresent you, UF! :redface: I was hoping that maybe you had tried other CB brackets, etc. and would chime in here because you seem to have lots of experience, and I have been very impressed with your results! :smile:

    I have looked into this bracket, but it's not quite what I'm looking for.
  9. That bracket looks backwards to me. I understand the reason for having the upright on the shooter's right side (to clear whatever may be in the hot shoe when rotating) but it seems that position would make the rotate more difficult and/or awkward. Yes, you have both hands on the cam when shooting but looks like you have to change the position of both hands to rotate. May not be a big deal.

    I use the CB QRS-35-EV (apparently now discontinued) and like it a lot.


    The only issue I have with it is the weight -- it can become quite tiresome during a long event. It can be managed, though. I just like the idea of the flash head staying in the same position. The support bracket is on the other side and bent out to accommodate items in the hot shoe. I can have both hands on the cam or one holding the bracket handle and can quickly rotate h/v and back without changing hand position. Speed and always being ready when shooting candids at events is all-important. Unless I am not understanding something about the bracket you have linked, I would probably choose a different CB from today's models for my use.

  10. I too use the RRS perfect portrait bracket and find it to be excellent. I have never bought anything at RRS that was not well made and performed well.
  11. Here is the link to the one I use.


    I also use the "L" plate which adds to the cost. A regular plate will work as well, but I prefer to mount the rail on the left side of the body rather than the bottom. If you will be exclusively using lenses that have a tripod foot you need only the bracket and not the rail. You will need the RRS plate on the foot.

    If you are using the Arca-Swiss system this bracket is a very good and cost effective solution. If you are not then it is probably way too much to spend for just a flash bracket.
  12. Brent M

    Brent M

    Aug 13, 2006

    I can't really tell by looking at the picture, how does this bracket mount onto the camera. And would one have to remove an L-plate in order to attach this flash bracket?
  13. Are you asking about the QRS-35-EV? If so, the bracket is purchased sans mounting plate and you pick and buy the one you want. I got the standard plate with a 1/4-20 screw but also available (at that time) was an Arca style plate. I have an Arca plate I attach to the CB standard plate or I just screw straight to the cam body -- best flexibility that way, I can use either. I also use the attachment that allows connecting to my tripod. It's really a neat bracket -- which may be a moot point since it is now discontinued. :rolleyes: 

  14. Aye, there's the rub, then... I am not using Arca-Swiss system at this time. I don't really need something to attach to a tripod in any case... just something to use separately.
  15. It looks good to me in as much as the upright is in front of where the camera is held. It doesn't look like it would get in the way in either the vertical or horizontal position. I think that's similar to the CB Junior. Problem is, I have no local camera shop near me to try one out... I'd have to drive at least 1.5 hrs. one way just to get to a good one that might have one in the store. :frown:
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