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Michael Mohrmann

Quite some time ago (at least 10 years!) I recorded my own music compilations from music CDs we owned onto CD-Rs to use in our cars. A couple of our cars were fickle with regards to the CD-Rs being used, and I ended up purchasing Mitsui Silver CD-Rs for these recordings. Even now, 10 years later, these CD-Rs work well.

I would like to create some new compilations, and seeing as I finally ran out of the Mitsui Silver CD-Rs I purchased in bulk, I was wondering what current brands and types of CD-Rs would work well for these recordings? The recordings will be done on a PC, not a standalone recorder.

The cheaper the better, but only to a point. The real cheap CD-Rs did not work well in the past. Even some of the mainstream manufacturers (Maxell, Memorex, TDK, etc.) had issues in our CD players.

Michael Mohrmann

In a word, Verbatim.
Any particular type(s)? There are gold, silver, blue, etc. I was surprised that the Mitsui silver CD-Rs worked better than the supposed gold "reference" CD-Rs.
Jul 13, 2009
Honestly... I would buy an ipod and store your music that way, you wont have issues playing it in your car. if you want CD's for just pure storage you can use DVD-R's which can hold 4.7 GB of music or just files. I have not had any problem with the CD-Rs i have purchased. I am not sure of the brand but i just go to Costco and purchase 50+ discs in bulk
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