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Cedar Wax Wing.

Discussion in 'Birds' started by kramp, Jul 26, 2005.

  1. There are a small flock of these picking bugs out of the air over at the pond this week so I whent and gave it a try, not to many worked out the sun already was behind the trees, will try it earlier in the day tomorrow.

    1/250 f5.6 300 f4 afs + kenko pro 1.4tc, tripod, SB-800 ittl-bl.

    Suggestions welcome, I haven't done much birds out side of my feeder area were there pretty tame.


  2. Hi Martin, long time no speak. Great to see you taking other birdies on in the challenge of the hunt. LOL........... you handled this very well. Cedar wax wings are a tough subject because the feather detail is just soooooo smooth. I normally use ittl fp for birdies for fill flash, just starting to use rear sync so it is more natural and works more on background than main subject. Looks great. Mike is the flash specialist on these little birdies, I try to use natural light if given the opportunity. I should have the flash glued on there so I can use it when I need it. LOL Great job!
  3. Thanks for the tiips Keith, I can't do the fp flash but I will try out the rear sync and I well get out when there is some more light.

  4. Flew


    Jan 25, 2005
    Nice shot Martin. I'm always impressed by how smooth these guys are. To me, they do look like they are made of wax. 8)
  5. Very nice Martin...!! :) 
  6. The Cedar Waxwing is a beautiful bird and you have captured it well Martin.
  7. Thanks for the comment Frank, Mike and Gordon.

  8. Went out and tried again was just starting to get close enough and a hawk showed up and all the birds left. :( 

    Did get a few shots though, heavy cropping involved though.


    And this bird, any one have any idea on the id?


  9. It is definitely a flycatcher of the genus Empidonax. They are very difficult to ID to species but my guess would be the Hammond's flycatcher. But I wouldn't bet my next paycheck.
  10. Really nice shots! I have been trying for months to get a shot of them here in Duncan (also Vanhcouver Island) but when I see them I never have the camera handy, such pretty birds! We where wondering what they where called, now I know!
  11. Thanks for the id Thos, never seen one before.

  12. Thanks Andreas, they are beautiful birds and I was supprised to see them.

    Nice to see another Islander here.

  13. mfrank123

    mfrank123 Guest

    very very nice shots. i have a family of waxwings and cant get that close. thaks for posting
  14. Great shots Martin. I am going to have to find me some of those - they have eluded me for several years now.

    Hi Keith - I am not clear on why rear synch should be different from slow synch in this circumstance.
  15. Thanks Rory, I didn't even know we had them around here, I took a snapshot of some birds eating insects with the 200 f4 micro and when I zoomed in I could see what they were so I went back with a longer lens.

    There still coming every day but the ponds dried up now so they won't be here for much longer.

  16. Very nice. They are a strange looking bird due to little detail in the feathers - almost looks like they were run through NeatImage at birth!! LOL Great captures.
  17. Lol, thanks Sandi.

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